November 21, 2018

Dead Whale Washes Up With '1,000 Bits Of Plastic In Stomach'

The animal, who was found in a national park in Indonesia, had swallowed 115 plastic cups, 25 plastic bags, and four plastic bottles among other pieces of debris

September 14, 2018

'Lucky' Narwhal Joins Beluga Pod In St. Lawrence River

The young whales have been spotted together since 2016

September 9, 2018

Whales At Risk As Rising Temperatures Drive Them Closer To Shore

The warm weather is believed to be the result of climate change

September 8, 2018

Dead Humpback Found Entangled In Rope

Fishing gear and starvation dubbed 'trouble' for all species

August 12, 2018

Mother Orca Drops Her Dead Calf After 17 Days Of Grief

Tahlequah's pod has been unable to successfully reproduce for three years due to salmon shortages

August 6, 2018

Grieving Mother Orca Refuses To Let Dead Baby Go After 10 Days

The story has gone viral - bringing attention to the sophisticated grieving rituals of animals

January 22, 2018

Vancouver Aquarium Bans Whales and Dolphins Citing Public Pressure

The announcement follows years of campaigning, as well as the tragic deaths of a number of animals

January 3, 2018

Locals Rally To Save Beached Whale In Small Town Eastern Canada

A surfer said he had 'no doubt' the animal knew they were trying to help