May 10, 2019

Politicians Urged To Highlight Vegan Diets As They Tackle Climate Crisis

The Vegan Society has sent formal letters to the major UK political parties, explaining the positive impacts a plant-based diet can have on both the planet and human health

May 2, 2019

Airlines Urged To Offer Vegan Food To Offset Carbon Emissions

According to campaigners, the default choice is 'beef or chicken' - and this needs a plant-based upgrade

April 23, 2019

EU Ban On 'Meaty' Names Would Be 'Unlawful', Claims Vegan Charity

Earlier this month, the European Parliament's agriculture committee approved a ban on naming meat-free foods after their traditional counterparts - but opponents say this would confuse consumers

March 11, 2019

NHS Urged To Add Vegan Milk To Its Food Voucher Scheme

The Healthy Start scheme is a means-tested initiative offering pregnant women or parents with children under four vouchers to help buy some basic foods from local retailers

March 5, 2019

Vegan Options Should Be Available In All Public Sector Institutions, Says Petitions Committee

A petition signed by 1,109 people and supported by high profile people including former First Minister of Wales Carwyyn Jones AM and Dirty Vegan Matthew Pritchard was considered by the Welsh Petitions Committee this morning

February 11, 2019

Virgin Trains Launches Vegan Wrap To Meet High Demand

The rail company has teamed up with The Vegan Society as more customers - vegans and others - have responded enthusiastically to the plant-based products onboard

February 7, 2019

Animal Farmers Turned Vegan To Speak At Major Food Conference

The Grow Green conference which will take place in April in London will address the growth of post-Brexit plant agriculture as well as look at how pastoral farmers can switch to arable

December 17, 2018

Vegan Options Now Provided By 7 Out Of UK's 12 Train Companies

The growing availability of plant-based food follows a major campaign throughout this year by leading charity The Vegan Society

December 4, 2018

Money Raised In Honor Of Vegan Leicester Helicopter Crash Couple

Pilots Eric Swaffer and Izabela Lechowicz were passionate vegans: now donations made in their name will be used to support advocacy

November 16, 2018

Are Avocados Vegan? An Expert Says Yes

There has been much debate around the topic since a television show said they are not suitable for ethical vegans

November 14, 2018

Farmers Complain About Ecotricity's Vegan Electricity Advert

The company's gas supply has now been registered with The Vegan Society

November 1, 2018

Free Vegan App Launched After As Over 50% Of Brits Adopt 'Vegan Buying Behavior'

The new app is aimed at the 'vegan-curious'

October 26, 2018

Rental Ad Tells Vegans 'Not To Bother' Applying For Room

According to a lawyer, the advert is not legally discriminatory

October 26, 2018

'Vegan Is The New Normal' Says World Vegan Day Founder

She wants to celebrate the progress of the vegan movement - and the benefits of veganism

October 24, 2018

Vegan Left Without Meal On 7 Hour Flight - Despite Paying Surcharge

She said the experience was 'distressing and humiliating'

October 9, 2018

'Avocados And Butternut Squash Are Not Vegan' Claims BBC Show QI

The comedy quiz show suggests these products are not suitable for ethical vegans

September 27, 2018

Government Urged To Make Vegan Options Mandatory By Law

Public sector organizations should offer at least one plant-based option daily, say campaigners

September 25, 2018

Farming Minister To Speak At Vegan Society Event During Conservative Conference

The society's fringe event will look at how to build a healthy and sustainable food system

September 22, 2018

'Proudly Vegan' Wine Launched By Broadland Wineries

The new range is registered with The Vegan Society

August 15, 2018

The Vegan Society Moves To Bigger Home As Staff Quadruple Following Vegan Boom

The charity's previous premises could no longer contain the growing organization