January 16, 2019

Impossible Foods Making Plant-Based Steak To Disrupt Meat Industry

He believes an animal-free steak would be very disruptive - not just to the beef industry but to the other sectors of the meat industry aswell

December 12, 2018

Tech Company Creates World's First Clean Meat Steak

The lab-grown product turns cow cells into beef cuts 'replicating the complex shape, texture, and flavor of a steak'

November 22, 2018

UK's First All-Vegan Supermarket Greenbay Launches Plant-Based 'Steak'

The product, which is made from soy, beans, and spices, is designed to make going vegan as easy as possible for people who previously enjoyed eating animal products

October 5, 2018

Breakthrough Vegan 'Aberdeen Angus' Burger Launches In Sainsbury's UK

The burger is made by the company behind the first supermarket vegan steak

July 18, 2018

Major Steak Restaurant Chain Gaucho Files For Administration

The business had been in talks with potential investors - which fell through

June 4, 2018

Production Increased On 'Breakthrough' Vegan Steak As It Launches In Europe

The manufacturers say they are 'overwhelmed' with the product's success so far

May 29, 2018

Almost 40,000 Vegan Steaks Sold At Tescos 'Within Days'

Demand for the plant-based product has been extremely high

May 14, 2018

Tesco To Launch 'Breakthrough' Vegan Steak In 400 Stores Nationwide

The producers expect to sell 'several million' of the items in 2018

October 27, 2017

Ex Vegan Goes Back To Eating Meat 'After Dreaming Of Steak'

"I started dreaming of steak. I mean, x-rated, slow-mo, sizzling food-porn dreams..."