March 9, 2019

UK Pub Chain Wetherspoons Launches 'Gourmet' Vegan Burger

The company, which has around 900 outlets nationwide, has welcomed a new vegan option to its menu

February 23, 2019

Brixton Pub Goes 100% Vegan As Demand For Plant-Based Food Surges

The pub's kitchen has been taken over by top vegan pizzaioli Cristiano Vitelli and Andrea Moro, founders of Picky Wops

January 31, 2019

Major Pub Chain Launches New Vegan Menu In Almost 200 Outlets

Vintage Inns - which runs pubs up and the nation - has added a range of plant-based dishes to its menu, saying demand for animal-free food is continuing to grow

November 23, 2018

Pub Ditches 'Shoulder Of Mutton' Name To Appeal To Vegans

The landlady of the York pub has also added lots of vegetarian and vegan dishes to the menu in a bid to attract a more diverse clientele

August 1, 2018

Major Student Pub Chain Rolls Out New Vegan Menu Across 46 UK Outlets

Stonegate is offering the vegan options in its 'Common Room'' student pubs

June 5, 2018

Major UK Pub Chain Greene King Launches 9-Dish Vegan Menu

The dishes on offer include vegan Fish and Chips and Cherry Bakewell Tart

January 18, 2018

Sales Triple After London Pub Goes 100% Vegan

Animal welfare concerns and sustainability inspired the boozer to go plant-based

January 10, 2018

100% Vegan Pub Opens In London

The boozer will offer traditional grub

January 10, 2018

UK's Biggest Pubs To Offer Vegan Menu 'Due To High Demand'

There are nine new plant-based dishes on offer