January 30, 2019

UK Vegan Population Will Skyrocket By 327% By 2020, Claims Poll

According to the survey results, the number of UK vegans will grow significantly over 2019, with pollsters claiming 2.9 people will be vegan within 12 months

January 23, 2019

45% Of Brits 'Would Like To Go Vegan' But Can't Ditch Cheese, Says Poll

The data, accrued by vegan cheese company Violife, looks at some of the reasons stopping people from ditching animal products - and the misconceptions about plant-based diets

January 15, 2019

Vegans Blast Poll Accusing Them Of Taking More Sick Days Than Meat Eaters

A study by confectionery company Fisherman's Friend polled 1,000 workers, asking them about how much time they took off for cold, flu, and other minor ailments

November 14, 2018

81% Of Vegans 'Experience Prejudice' - Including Being Tricked Into Eating Meat

New data shows a huge proportion of vegans face backlash

October 31, 2018

Two-Thirds Of Young Brits Say Veganism Will Increase In The Future

Polling shows an increasing number of people are reducing their meat intake

July 18, 2018

92% Think Reducetarian Approach Is Helpful To Vegan Movement, Says Poll

The casual poll was carried out by UK retailer The Vegan Kind

June 6, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: Tesco Named Vegans' Favorite UK Supermarket In Poll

The store stocks a number of favorite plant-based products

April 16, 2018

Young People Driving Meat-Free Charge - As 8 Million Brits Stop Eating Animals

But 80 percent of people aged 55 and over have no plans to change their diet

February 2, 2018

40 Percent Of Young Adults Are 'Worried' About The Environmental Effect Of Meat

The new findings show a contrast between the young and old generations