June 17, 2019

Australian Politicians Slammed For Approving Coal Mine Near Great Barrier Reef

The controversial plans have been described as 'bordering on the definition of insanity' by the Australian Conservation Foundation

May 8, 2019

Bernie Sanders Slams Factory Farming For Its Environmental Impact

The American politician has described factory farms as a threat 'to the water we drink and the air we breathe'

February 27, 2019

40 MEPs Pledge Their Support To Million Dollar Vegan Campaign

The Members of the European Parliament - including two UK representatives - signed a document expressing their 'concern about the danger of climate change and environmental destruction'

February 3, 2019

Vegan Senator Cory Booker To Run For President in 2020

The first African-American US Senator, and former mayor of Newark, has openly critiqued the unsustainability of animal agriculture, labeling it a 'tragic reality'

July 5, 2018

Politicians Brand Plant-Based Burgers An 'Existential Threat' To Beef Industry

High-tech developments in plant-meat are a worry to animal ag supporters

July 4, 2018

MP Blasts Air New Zealand For 'Promoting' Plant-Based Impossible Burger Instead Of Meat

The airline will be serving the patty on its LA flights until late October

October 31, 2017

Dirty Sanchez's Mathew Pritchard Plus MPs and Celebs Say: 'Go Vegan'

A host of high profile vegans are joining forces to urge everyone to try veganism this month

October 17, 2017

MP Urges Constituents To Try Veganism

Derby North MP, Chris Williamson, wants to spread the vegan message