June 19, 2019

Pigs Killed After Lorry Carrying 190 Animals Overturns On M32

The driver of the lorry is said to have suffered from injuries, which are not believed to be life-changing

June 12, 2019

200 Million Pigs Facing Slaughter Due To Swine Fever - Should Humans Be Worried?

ASF is killing pigs across SE Asia rampaging through poor, overcrowded pigs incarcerated in misery. Of course all of these animals would have died anyway in an abattoir if they had lived long enough. Their fate is to die, of disease, by the knife or as they are culled in numbers that are unimaginable

June 8, 2019

African Swine Fever Spreads Through Asia - Millions Of Pigs Culled

'This is the biggest animal disease outbreak we've ever had on the planet...and we have no way to stop it from spreading'

May 3, 2019

School To Kill Pigs To Teach Children About Where Food Comes From

The school has come under fire from a former pupil who says the initiative will teach the children that it is okay to exploit and kill animals with the only justification being that people enjoy eating their bodies

April 13, 2019

Vegan Family Risk Losing Their Home After Saving Pig From Slaughter

Following a complaint from a neighbor, the family claim to have only two weeks to give up Arlo the pig

February 18, 2019

86% Of Pigs Slaughtered Using 'Inhumane' CO2 In England And Wales

New data from the Food Standards Agency shows a staggering number of animals killed using the gas - which campaigners describe as an 'unacceptable' method of slaughter

February 11, 2019

Dean Farm Trust Launches Fundraiser To Help Build A New Paddock For Rescued Pigs

The 'Piggy Paddock Appeal' is aiming to raise over £2,000 to help improve the well-being of its rescued animals

February 1, 2019

Emergency Pig Vigil Due To 'Risk Of Freezing To Death'

Activists protested against the transportation of livestock, as the temperature plummets, with wind chill values near -35 degrees Celsius

November 23, 2018

Farm Workers Plead Guilty After Footage Shows 'Disgusting Attacks' On Pigs

Leading global animal protection agency Animal Equality filmed men who can be seen jabbing pigs with pitchforks as they squeal, and slamming gates on them

November 3, 2018

Three Men Charged After Footage 'Shows Pigs Beaten With Pitch Forks'

Animal rights activists took the footage which was highly publicized

October 23, 2018

Vegan Star Rob Zombie Urges USDA To Ditch High-Speed Slaughter Program

The program is harmful to both animals and humans

October 18, 2018

Vegans Call For Slaughterhouse Probe After Pigs Suffer 'Agonizing' Deaths

Campaigners believe a criminal investigation should take place

September 24, 2018

3.4 Million Dead In Hurricane Florence: 'Farm Animals Are Disposable'

The footage was captured by Kerry Guerin of We Animals

September 5, 2018

Advertising Watchdog Bans Vegan Ad After Farmers Complain

The cinema ad showed images of pig farming from the UK

August 20, 2018

Campaigners Demand Ban On New Factory Farms As Pigs Outnumber People In Spain

Environmentalists say the facilities have a severe impact on the planet

August 7, 2018

Slaughterhouse Probe Sought After Conscious Pig Found Hanging From Rail

A USDA report shows there was extreme animal suffering at the facility

July 30, 2018

Horrific Farm Footage Shows Screaming Piglets Smashed Against Wall

The 'violence and neglect' was filmed on a Red Tractor approved pig farm in Bedfordshire

July 26, 2018

Pork Farmers 'Scale Back' As US Meat Surplus Hits 2.5 Billion Pounds

Exports have slowed as a result of new tariffs

July 19, 2018

Vegans Shut Down 'Pork Lover' Meat Promotion Bus Painted Like A 'Cute Pig'

The bus is part of an attempt to sell more pig-based products

July 10, 2018

Lorry Overturns Killing A Number Of Pigs In UK Transport Accident

The incident resulted in 'traffic chaos' as some pigs temporarily escaped the vehicle

July 5, 2018

CO2 Stunning Is A 'Horrible Death' Says Animal Welfare Campaigner

The CO2 shortage has led to a national welfare debate

June 26, 2018

Carbon Dioxide Shortage Shuts Down Major Scottish Slaughterhouse

The gas is used to stun animals before they are killed

June 1, 2018

Vegan Musician Moby Shares Horror Of Factory Farming With His Followers

The star spoke out about how many animals are killed every year for food

May 23, 2018

Horrific Undercover Footage Reveals Pigs Being Beaten On UK Farm

Workers were recorded spraying paint in an animal's nose and slamming gates on pigs' heads

May 22, 2018

Vegan Activists Facing 60 Years In Prison For 'Saving Dying Piglet' from Factory Farm

They have been charged with felonies over the incident

May 21, 2018

Multi-Storey Factory Pig Farms In China Could Be 'Most Intensive' In The World

These facilities can house tens of thousands of animals

May 20, 2018

Researchers Concerned Lethal Pig Virus Could Also Infect Humans

The virus causes severe diarreah, vomitting, and sometimes death

May 9, 2018

Undercover Investigation Of Pork Giant Reveals 'Pigs In Tiny Cages And Animals With Skin Infections'

Under the state's 'ag-gag' laws it is prohibited to document the abuse

May 1, 2018

Farmer Pleads Guilty To Welfare Offences After Feeding Pigs Old Bacon Sandwiches

The defence says the farmer 'accepts things had begun to slip'

April 19, 2018

High-Speed Pig Slaughter Scheme Is 'Abusive And Painful', Say Campaigners

Pigs are already slaughtered quickly - at around 16 per minute

April 8, 2018

34 Vegan Activists Charged After Mass Sit-in At Australian Piggery

Renowned activist James Aspey said 'desperate times call for desperate action'

March 29, 2018

'Hell Hole' Pig Farm Closes After Expose Reveals Squalid Conditions

The farm previously passed an audit by food label Red Tractor - despite the grim conditions captured on camera

March 28, 2018

Investigation Reveals Squalid Conditions Of Pigs Reared For Parma Ham Destined For UK

Campaigners say animals are treated as 'meat-producing machines'

March 27, 2018

Debate Sparked By Photo Of Woman Smiling Next To Pig She Had Killed - And Saying She Misses Him

Social media users argued over whether the picture showed good welfare - or disturbing behavior

March 10, 2018

Slaughterhouse Cuts Jobs Because There Aren’t Enough Pigs To Kill

Danish Crown has an ambitious strategy for employee support

March 2, 2018

UK Government Plans To 'Improve Welfare For Pigs And Poultry' By Updating Codes

But activists wants to make sure new codes are properly enforced

February 19, 2018

Second Annual Vegan 'Esther Cruise' Departs This Month

The cruise offers customizable packages and an ‘Esther approved’ menu

February 8, 2018

Theater Urged To Take Pork Off Its Menu During Staging Of Peppa Pig

'Children who love Peppa would be horrified to learn sausages are made from pigs'

February 6, 2018

Undercover Investigation Reveals Horrific Suffering At Pig Farm That Supplied UK Retailers

Campaigners called the level of negligence and cruelty 'an absolute scandal'

January 24, 2018

Vegans Demand Government Closes 'Squalid' Farm That Supplies Pork To Tesco

An investigation of the farm made national headlines

December 29, 2017

Meat Industry Spends £13.5 Million Creating 'Healthy' Bacon

Some experts believe bacon is as dangerous as cigarettes and asbestos

December 29, 2017

Meet The Pig Who Was Saved On His Way To The Slaughterhouse

A chance meeting changed two lives forever

December 22, 2017

BBC Says UK's First Vegan Cinema Ad 'Could Make You Go Vegan'

The advert is playing in cinemas now

December 1, 2017

Pork Journal: 'Animal Agriculture Can Learn From Vegan Businesses'

The meat industry outlet stressed that animal agriculture must 'recognize [that] consumers' tastes are changing'

November 17, 2017

New Vegan Film Highlights Plight Of Pigs In 'Saleyards' Between Farm And Slaughterhouse

The poignant film shows animals searching for answers

November 14, 2017

LANDMARK: Major Pork Advertising Group Forced To Remove Health Claim About Pig Meat

The pork-promoting group is no longer allowed to refer to pig meat as 'low in fat'

November 14, 2017

Undercover Images From 'Award Winning' Pig Farms Show Shocking Suffering

The images have raised serious questions around welfare standards

November 7, 2017

Pork Bosses Shown Video Footage Of Factory Farms At 'Pig Awards'

Footage from pig farms was projected onto the building

November 7, 2017

Heartbreaking Animal Stories Inspired This Sanctuary's Innovative New Idea

Many animals desperately need help - will you get involved?

November 1, 2017

Ex Pig Farmer: "Veganism Is The Future Of Farming"

"If you care about animals, the answer isn’t 'humane meat'," said the now-vegetable farmer

October 12, 2017

UPDATE: Will UK's First Vegan Cinema Ad Make It On To Screens?

The ad is part of an ambitious campaign by a leading UK animal charity

October 3, 2017

Swiss MP Says 'Nazis Treated Jews Better Than People Treat Pigs'; Resigns

The politician resigned shortly after making the controversial remark

October 2, 2017

INNOVATION: Could This Vegan Bus Save Millions Of Animals?

Animal welfare charity tours UK’s biggest cities asking the public to re-consider their food choices

September 8, 2017

Vegan Activist Rescues Pig From Slaughter

'Babe' the pig is currently being looked after while seeking a new home

August 4, 2017

Guardian Newspaper Documents Pig Save Vigil In Los Angeles

Mainstream media coverage suggests the movement is gaining momentum

July 17, 2017

Pig Horror Farm Hogwood Hits National Headlines As It's Revealed It Supplies Major Supermarket

Animal remains were found in local woodland belonging to the farm

June 26, 2017

Sickening Undercover Pig Farm Footage Shows 'Vision Of Hell'

Despite shocking factory farm footage owner says animal care is 'top priority'

May 26, 2017

A Conversation With Animal Rights Hero Anita Krajnc

“Don’t be afraid. Follow your conscience. Step outside your comfort zone. Think big.”

May 3, 2017

Dear Anita. May The 4th Be With You

Anita Krajnc is an activist. She Faces Prison. Her Crime? Giving Water To A Pig.