October 12, 2018

Data Shows Major Rise In Veganism Among Young People

Recent reports, surveys and news stories show that plant-based eating has become mainstream – especially among young people who are concerned about the environment and animal welfare

September 26, 2018

Millennials Going Vegan Is 'Biggest Threat' To Burger Joints, Says Analyst

The number of millennials ditching meat means eateries must offer veggie options

August 28, 2018

Vegan Beauty Market Booms As Young People Ditch Animal Products

Launches have more than doubled in the past five years - growing by 175%

August 16, 2018

'Consumers Have Moved On From Beef' Claims Fast Food Outlet

The outlet wants to celebrate National Burger Day - without animal products

July 31, 2018

US Vegan Milk Dollar Sales Up 9% As Cow Milk Sales Drop 6% In Just 12 Months

Vegan products are becoming increasingly popular with a range of consumers

July 31, 2018

Germany Dominates Global Vegan Product Market, Says Report

The country accounted for 15% of vegan introductions worldwide over the last year

July 3, 2018

61% Of Spaniards 'Regularly' Have Meat-Free Days

An increasing number of Europeans are reducing their meat intake

February 8, 2018

'Shift Away From Animal Products Is Currently Underway', According To Top Food Analyst

Consumers are learning more about certain ingredients