November 21, 2018

Environment Secretary Michael Gove Urges Football Teams To Offer Vegan Options

The Minister is backing The Daily Telegraph's call for all Premier League clubs to become greener by implementing a raft of sustainability measures

October 26, 2018

UK Government Announces Plans To Ban Single-Use Plastics

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has launched a consultation

September 12, 2018

UK Government Urged To Make CCTV Mandatory In Sheep Shearing Sheds

The call to action follows an exposé of the English wool industry

July 3, 2018

Environment Secretary Michael Gove Announces New £4.5 Million Fund To Fight Illegal Wildlife Trade

The Government wants to tackle the criminals trafficking endangered species

May 3, 2018

OPINION: Michael Gove Is Irresponsible To Encourage Meat Consumption

Gove's vision for UK agriculture post-Brexit sees farmers playing a central role in improving public health - and it's not even April 1

May 2, 2018

Environment Secretary Michael Gove Calls On Sports Leaders To Reduce Plastic Waste

The Government believes the industry can help tackle marine plastic pollution

April 30, 2018

Doctors Hit Back As Environment Secretary Michael Gove Says Meat Is 'Crucial' For Balanced Diet

Almost 30 doctors have signed an open letter to Gove following his claims

February 19, 2018

UK Government Considers Banning Foie Gras In Animal Welfare Drive

The move would be a response to Labour's recent plans

January 8, 2018

Michael Gove Wants To Ban The Use Of Wild Animals In Circuses In England

Draft proposals have been repeatedly blocked over the last few years

November 23, 2017

Environment Secretary Michael Gove Says He's 'Predominantly Herbivorous' - Why Not Go Vegan?

The Minister should take the most siginificant step towards sustainable living