June 17, 2019

Beyond Meat To Launch Even 'Meatier' Version Of Its Vegan Patty

The new plant-based patty is said to have a meatier taste and texture, with marbling that 'melts and tenderizes like beef'

June 11, 2019

Chimpanzee Meat Being Eaten In UK, Says Report

The flesh is being served 'as a delicacy' at weddings, according to an article by The Telegraph

May 31, 2019

Vegan Meat Brand Fry's Makes US Grocery Debut In Lazy Acres

The South African meat alternative specialist will begin selling its products in the organic grocery chain this summer

May 27, 2019

Plant-Based Meat Market Worth $27.9 Billion By 2025, Report Says

The market is estimated to skyrocket at a projected growth of 15 percent annually

May 23, 2019

Vegan Mince Made From Sunflower Protein To Launch In UK

The plant-based alternative to mincemeat has landed a deal with a major UK retailer

April 28, 2019

Butcher Jailed After Admitting To Mislabeling Meat

It is believed the defendant made £1 million by advertising imported meat as 'Best of British'

April 18, 2019

Blaze Pizza Welcomes Vegan Chorizo To Its Menus Nationwide

The spicy plant-based sausage has been introduced to more than 300 US stores

March 25, 2019

'Vegan Meat Sector Is Gaining Momentum' Says New Market Data

Information around consumer attitudes toward plant-based meat alternatives reveal significant interest and market opportunity in the meat-free sector - with some products more requested than others

March 11, 2019

Treat Meat And Dairy Like Big Tobacco And Scrap Subsidies, Say Scientists

Scientific journal 'The Lancet' says the subsidies should be redirected to 'sustainable farming for healthful food' and meat and dairy farmers should be banned from lobbying the government

March 7, 2019

London Underground Rejects 'Junk Food' Advert Showing Bacon And Butter

The transport network recently issued a ban on all junk food advertising and said it's up to advertisers to make sure their campaigns meet regulations

March 6, 2019

Global Meat News To Host Vegan Protein Conference As Consumer Tastes Change

The pro-meat publication is hosting the one-day event which it describes as a 'global platform to learn about plant-based proteins from different international markets'

February 26, 2019

Meat Giant Kerry Group Planning 'Significant Drive' Into Plant-Based Sector

The company, which is best known for its Richmond sausages and Mattessons snacks is the latest meat giant to plan moves towards vegan food - in a bid to meet changing consumer tastes

October 9, 2018

Meat Boss Says Cutting Out Meat Is Not The Answer To Climate Crisis

His opinion flies in the face of recent research

October 2, 2018

'By 2050 The Majority Of Meat, Dairy, Eggs Will Be Animal-Free', Says Vegan Advocate

Advocates believe vegans are overcoming obstacles which held back the vegan movement

September 27, 2018

UN Brands Meat The 'World's Most Urgent Problem'

The organization has given an environmental award to plant-based companies Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods

September 27, 2018

Study Proves Vegan Beyond Burger Is 'More Sustainable Than Beef'

The company worked with the University of Michigan to compare the environmental impact of plant and animal proteins

September 26, 2018

Socio-Economic Status Impacts Meat Consumption And Health, Says New Study

Research shows that those who identify as lower status eat more meat

August 17, 2018

Is There Really Such A Thing As 'Ethical' Meat?

A recent report claimed 'ethical beef' is becoming increasingly popular - but is animal agriculture ever humane?

August 13, 2018

Experts Blast Meat Industry As It Denies Link Between Cancer And Processed Meat

Industry-funded research is significantly more likely to produce outcomes favourable to that industry. Who knew?

August 8, 2018

Butcher Filmed Swinging Meat At Vegan Protestors

One protestor said he pushed the meat on her face

July 26, 2018

Pork Farmers 'Scale Back' As US Meat Surplus Hits 2.5 Billion Pounds

Exports have slowed as a result of new tariffs

July 20, 2018

Meat Consumption Is Destroying Planet, Says New Study

Scientists say livestock production has 'major negative effects on the environment'

May 14, 2018

Should Vegans And Vegetarians Eat 'Fake Meat?'

The topic often engenders passionate debate

January 31, 2018

Vegan 'Chicken' Brand Sunfed Plans Global Expansion To Meet Growing Demand

"We have more demand than we can meet from all sides of the business," the CEO revealed

January 17, 2018

Actor Chris Pratt Blasted Over 'Disgusting' Posts About Eating 'Happy Lambs'

The actor said the animals 'wake up dead one day in my freezer'

January 5, 2018

BREAKING: 'Vegan Protein To Beat Organic In 2018' Says Global Meat News

Plant protein is becoming 'a trend on which the global meat industry should keep an eye on'

January 3, 2018

'Battling Vegan Activism' Among 'Challenges' For Pig Industry in 2018

Farmers' confidence has also hit an 'all-time low', a new survey shows

December 29, 2017

Animal Protein To 'Take Back Seat' In Cooking Next Year

And plant foods are set to 'shine' in 2018

December 11, 2017

'Meat Tax Is Inevitable - And Could Happen Within 5 Years' Reports The Guardian

Germany, Denmark and Sweden have already discussed the option

December 6, 2017

Food Scare: Aldi Hotdogs Recalled Due To Possible Bone Fragments And Bacteria

Anyone with health concerns should seek medical advice

December 1, 2017

Pork Journal: 'Animal Agriculture Can Learn From Vegan Businesses'

The meat industry outlet stressed that animal agriculture must 'recognize [that] consumers' tastes are changing'

November 27, 2017

Report Calls On Meat Industry To 'Wake Up' As Plant Based Alternatives Skyrocket

Authors say they expect alternatives to become mainstream

November 14, 2017

LANDMARK: Major Pork Advertising Group Forced To Remove Health Claim About Pig Meat

The pork-promoting group is no longer allowed to refer to pig meat as 'low in fat'

November 7, 2017

Vegans SLAM 'Insensitive' Meat Joke In Major Retailer Woolworths

The Woolworths 'joke' has sparked debate between vegans and meat eaters

October 4, 2017

Parents Of Girl Poisoned After Eating Fast Food Meat Launch Petition

The child died after eating E. coli-infested meat around 20 years ago

September 29, 2017

Belgium's New Food Pyramid Equates Processed Meat With Junk Food

Processed meat is classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization

August 23, 2017

Vegan Outrage As Firefighters Gifted Sausages Made From Piglets They Saved From Blaze

One social media user branded the move 'peak human stupidity'

August 21, 2017

Has Contaminated Meat From UK Supermarket Infected Thousands With Hepatitis E?

The Food Standards Agency declined to name and shame the supermarket in question

August 21, 2017

PLUNGING PROFITS: Brazilian Meat Giant Reports 80% Profit Decrease

The company is reeling from recent a recent corruption scandal

August 11, 2017

More Than A Quarter Of Brits Cut Back On Meat Amid Fears For Health

Research has shown that health is a primary motivator for people cutting their meat intake

August 7, 2017

Study Reveals Shocking Environmental Impact Of Feeding Meat To Cats And Dogs

The staggering climate cost of companion animals' diets has been calculated

July 17, 2017

Hepatitis E: Eating Undercooked Pork Is Leading Cause In EU

In rare cases Hepatits E can prove fatal

July 11, 2017

Three Horse Microchips Found In Batch Of '100% Beef'

Businessman allegedly mixed horse meat with beef to fool customers

July 10, 2017

BBC Asks: Is Lab Meat The Future Of Food?

The major broadcaster tackled the issue of meat sustainability

July 5, 2017

Sausage War: Vegan Meat Provokes Outrage In Australia

Furious social media users condemn plant-based petition

June 30, 2017

5 Definitive Reasons Why You Shouldn't Eat Bacon

The reality behind this popular processed meat

June 29, 2017

$6 Billion 'Pink Slime' Meat Case Settled: 'Result Could Affect How Journalists Report Stories'

The case which captured the imagination of many was settled for an undisclosed sum

June 28, 2017

New Research Says 25% of New Zealanders Will Cut Meat By 2025

‍A growing number of people are turning towards more plant-based foods

June 21, 2017

US Health Experts Call On Hospitals To Serve Vegan Food

Processed meats are linked to some cancers

June 19, 2017

A Tick That Gives People A Meat Allergy Is Spreading Across US

Will the Lone Star tick affect more people than ever this year?

May 31, 2017

German E Coli Breakout: Death Toll One

Investigations into the outbreak are ongoing