December 3, 2018

New Vegan McDonald's Burger Launches In Finland

The new launch - called the El Veggo, follows the 2017 release of McDonald's first vegan burger - the McVegan

April 13, 2018

New York's Shake Shack Adds Vegan Burger To the Menu

The burger will feature a rice, beet, and bean based patty

February 23, 2018

'McVegan' Patty Could Be Used In More McDonald's Burger Builds

The plant-based option has surpassed sales expectations in Sweden

February 12, 2018

McDonalds Sells A Massive 150,000 'McVegan' Burgers In One Month

The sales numbers were described as 'exciting'

December 11, 2017

McDonalds McVegan Burger Now Permanent On Menu In Finland And Sweden

A spokesperson confirmed the news to PBN

December 11, 2017

McDonalds Reportedly Rolling Out McVegan Burger Further

Last week the fast food giant said there were no plans to expand the offering