December 18, 2018

'2018 Was The Year Veganism Went Mainstream', Says Newspaper

Major retailers have battled it out to win vegan customers and consumers are becoming more aware of the ethical and environmental implications of eating animals

February 2, 2018

40 Percent Of Young Adults Are 'Worried' About The Environmental Effect Of Meat

The new findings show a contrast between the young and old generations

January 18, 2018

Beyond Burger Available At Over 9,000 Outlets As It Hits New York Chain

Bareburger is the first eatery to serve both the Beyond and Impossible burgers

January 16, 2018

Pizza Giant Goodfellas Launches Frozen Vegan Pizza To Meet Demand

The product is considered the first mainstream offering of its kind

December 29, 2017

Sky News Promotes Veganism - And Busts Top Vegan Myths

The feature explains 'why going vegan is on the up, and why you might even like to try it yourself'

December 28, 2017

Mary Portas Lists Veganism As A Top 2017 Trend On Channel 4 Program

The show listed cruelty-free make-up and big knickers among the other trends

December 13, 2017

Plant Based Chef Matthew Kenney To Host Vegan Masterclass At Mainstream Foodie Event 'IKRA'

Top culinary experts will take part in the upcoming festival

November 23, 2017

Marvel TV Series Debuts Vegan LGBTQ Superhero

Vegan character Karolina Dean has been dubbed a 'peace maker'

November 13, 2017

Major Veggie Brand Quorn Reaches Singapore Amid Vegan Boom

The British brand will also be giving out free meatless lunches this week

November 10, 2017

Plant Based Food On The Rise: Impossible Burger Hits New Locations

The 'bleeding' vegan burger is slowly and surely becoming the norm

November 9, 2017

Global Plant Based Protein Market To Reach $16 Billion By 2025

Vegan protein sources are increasingly becoming more mainstream

November 6, 2017

Vegan Milk To Represent Nearly Half Of The Milk Industry By 2021

And it's not vegans who are driving the shift toward non-dairy products

November 6, 2017

Over Half Of UK Adults Are Turning To Vegan Food, New Research Says

Brits are welcoming the shift toward plant-based foods

November 6, 2017

VIDEO: Jane Velez-Mitchell Explains Why The Mainstream Media Ignores Veganism

"People are going vegan left and right - they pretend we don't exist."

November 3, 2017

Vegans Are Going Crazy Over This New Trader Joe's Almond Nog Holiday Drink

This non-dairy eggnog has got vegans in a frenzy

November 2, 2017

2018 Trend Forecast: Vegan Food Goes Mainstream

But the report highlights that there's a contradiction within the vegan food industry

November 2, 2017

Internet Giant UNILAD: "Vegans Live A Lot Longer Than Meat Eaters"

The vegan-promoting article received hate from meat eaters online

October 27, 2017

Rise Of Veganism: Massive Vegan Festival Arrives In Manchester

A huge animal-free event is coming to Manchester

October 23, 2017

100 Dish Vegan Menu To Hit Workplaces And Parties In London

Chefs are addressing the growing demand for plant-based dishes

October 20, 2017

Vegan Orders Have Increased By 20% Since 2015, New Report Says

Americans are increasingly more interested in plant-based fare

October 18, 2017

France's Former First Lady Reveals: 'My Son Is A Militant Vegan'

Carla Bruni's son is vegan for the animals

October 18, 2017

TRIAL: Starbucks Adds Vegan Cupcake To Menu

Starbucks is now offering its first ever vegan dessert option in selected locations

October 17, 2017

Russia Will Open Its First Vegetarian Only Apartment Complex

The living complex will also be alcohol and cigarettes-free

October 16, 2017

Which Vegan Brand Won Top Honors At The World's Biggest Mainstream Food Show?

This company won recognition for its Flaxseed Schnitzels

October 13, 2017

Portugal Sees 400% Rise In Number Of Vegetarians

And it's estimated at least 60,000 Portuguese citizens follow a vegan diet

October 11, 2017

Seoul To Host Vegan Festival This Weekend

The highly popular festival is coming back for its fourth year

October 10, 2017

UK's First Vegan Trade Show To Debut This Month

World-renowned plant-based trade and media professionals will be featured at the event

October 9, 2017

Journalist George Monbiot Brands Piers Morgan 'Pathetic' In Furious Vegan Showdown

The plant-based journalist came under fire for wearing leather shoes and watch strap

October 2, 2017

Nestlé To Leverage Vegan Trend With New Releases

The giant food conglomerate believes veganism is here to stay

September 25, 2017

Pret A Manger's 8 Bestsellers Are Vegan At Veggie Pret

Pret's vegan dishes are increasing the company's sales by 70 percent

September 20, 2017

Vegan Pop-Up To Be Featured At Mainstream London Event

Vegan pop-up Pig Out will be serving its comfort food to the public