June 13, 2019

KFC Trials Vegan Chicken Burger Called 'The Imposter'

The burger, which features a quorn fillet coated in a the chain's traditional cripsy batter, will be available from June 17 for four weeks in selected restaurants

May 30, 2019

KFC Considering Plant-Based Options In US, Says Chicken Isn't 'The Big Trend Right Now'

The world's second-largest restaurant chain has announced it's meeting with major suppliers of plant-based proteins to 'understand the market and where it's headed'

May 9, 2019

'Unprecedented Numbers Of People Are Going Vegan', Admits KFC In New Advert

The fast-food giant made the admission in a recent tongue-in-cheek advert promoting its new bacon burger - saying that this is a bad time to launch such a meaty option as more people opt for veggies

May 3, 2019

KFC Is 'Working On' A Vegan Chicken Burger

The fried-chicken eatery's plant-based burger has been described as a 'brilliant product'

March 21, 2019

KFC To Trial Vegan Options This Year

The skyrocketing popularity of veganism has caught the attention of one of the biggest sellers of fried chicken

September 19, 2018

KFC Urged To Add Vegan Chicken To The Menu

More than 12,600 people have signed a petition asking the fast food giant to offer a plant-based option

September 15, 2018

Man Finds Heart In KFC Food, Wants Explanation

A rep for the fast-food giant said 'mistakes happen'

July 28, 2018

Vegan Options Spotted At KFC In Vietnam

The chain also has plans to debut a vegan option in the UK

February 21, 2018

Police Urge The Public To Stop Contacting Them Over KFC Closures

One force said 'it is not a police matter'

February 19, 2018

KFC Shutting Down Shops Amid 'Chicken Shortage'

'Operational issues' have been blamed

October 12, 2017

Temple Of Seitan Is Now Offering A Vegan Version Of Legendary KFC 'Double Down' Burger

Vegan junk food lovers can now get their mitts on the Double Down seitan burger

September 8, 2017

KFC Agrees To Meet Campaigners After Shoreditch Wall Painting 'Stunt'

The mural is part of a year-long campaign to improve welfare for chickens

July 26, 2017

Is KFC 'Nothing But The Chicken' Advert Actually Pro-Vegan?

Meat eaters don't like to be reminded they are eating an animal