April 30, 2019

Nearly 90% Of Consumers 'Not Confused' By Using Dairy Names On Vegan Milk

Dairy producers want to ban plant-based businesses from using traditional names like milk and butter, saying this misleads shoppers. But data shows this simply isn't the case

April 23, 2019

EU Ban On 'Meaty' Names Would Be 'Unlawful', Claims Vegan Charity

Earlier this month, the European Parliament's agriculture committee approved a ban on naming meat-free foods after their traditional counterparts - but opponents say this would confuse consumers

April 5, 2019

Vegan, Vegetarian, And Meat-Free Labels 'Reduce Food Sales', Says Study

Researchers say they have identified four kinds of language restaurants and the food industry should avoid, and three it should embrace, to 'accelerate the shift'.

April 4, 2019

Vegan Burgers Could Be Called 'Discs' Under Proposed EU Food Rules

This week, the EU Parliament's agriculture committee approved a ban on naming meat-free foods after their traditional counterparts. If the proposals are voted into effect by the full EU Parliament in May, vegan and veggie burgers could become 'discs', and sausages 'tubes' among other products

March 7, 2019

'Vegan' Snack Containing Milk Recalled By Graze

According to the Food Standards Agency, the salt and vinegar flavor snacks posed 'a health risk for anyone with an allergy or intolerance to milk'

February 20, 2019

Canadian Vegan Food Producer Ordered To Ditch The Word 'Cheese'

A UK vegan cheese shop is having a similar experience - with a pro-dairy organization demanding it stops calling its products 'plant-based cheese' - or face legal action

August 23, 2018

Iceland Commits To Vegan Labeling After Launching Major Plant-Based Range

The announcement follows a campaign by advocacy organization Animal Aid

July 16, 2018

Vegan Labeling May Increase Supermarket Own-Brand Sales, Says Survey

The result show these labels can make customers feel valued

April 26, 2018

The Irony Of France's Ban On Using of 'Meat-Like' Words for Vegetarian And Vegan Food

If producers are worried about being misled - maybe animal foods should be marketed more honestly

April 24, 2018

OPINION: France's Ban On Calling Meat Alternatives 'Meat' Is Good For Veganism

It's a petty and childish move - and one which could backfire for the meat industry

April 21, 2018

Plant-Based Companies In France Can Now Be Fined For Using 'Meat' Labels

Mislabeling can result in fines of up to $370,000

April 19, 2018

Missouri Considering Ban On Calling Meat Alternatives 'Meat'

The bill's sponsors reportedly have links to the meat industry

March 13, 2018

US Dairy Industry Slammed By Good Food Institute Over Plant Milk Labeling Demands

Dairy producers say they are worried about consumers being 'misled'

January 15, 2018

Companies Should Avoid The 'Vegan Label' To Maximize Sales, Expert Says

GFI's Co-Founder Bruce Friedrich believes 'plant-based protein' is more appropriate

October 18, 2017

SCANDAL: German Meat Producers Fight Vegan Companies Over Naming Meat Substitutes

German meat producers believe labeling vegan meats using 'meaty' terms is 'misleading' to the consumer

July 13, 2017

Restaurant Chain Panera Bread Makes It Easier For Customers To Eat Vegan

A new ordering system will 'take the guesswork' out of the menu

June 12, 2017

'Plant Milk Should Not Be Called Milk' Say Dairy Industry Players

The complaint comes amid growth of the non-dairy milk sector

June 6, 2017

Now Animal Ag Lobby Says Vegan Plant Meat 'Can't Be Called Meat'

Producers are concerned 'consumers are being misled'