February 19, 2019

Greggs Shares Hit Highest Level Following Launch Of Vegan Sausage Roll

The animal-free alternative to its traditional meat and pastry snack was launched in January amid much fanfare and publicity

January 10, 2019

Scottish Vegan Meat Entrepreneurs Sign Major Distribution Deal

Glasgow-based Daring Foods say the deal means its plant-based meat alternative products could be served at 1,000 locations via the foodservice industry by the end of the year

January 1, 2019

World's First 100% Vegan PrePaid Virtual Card Launches

The card, which can exclusively be used in vegan establishments, saves you money by giving you cash back on every purchase

December 19, 2018

Unilever Acquires 'The Vegetarian Butcher' In Bid To Tap Into Vegan Market

The company's founder says Unilever's takeover means massive growth will be possible; he wants the brand to be 10x as big in two years

December 11, 2018

Global Vegan Protein Market To Skyrocket By 2023, Says Report

The 'global vegan population base' has been partially credited for the sector's ongoing growth

August 6, 2018

Vegan And Plant-Based Diets 'Now Fully Mainstream', Says Expert

An increasing number of consumers are opting for vegan alternatives to animal products

August 1, 2018

US Plant-Based Meat Sales Hit $670 Million Skyrocketing By 24%

The market for plant-based foods is growing rapidly

July 31, 2018

Sales Of Vegan Food Skyrocket To $3.3 Billion In One Year

The market continues to see huge growth - with experts saying veganism has 'gone mainstream'

May 17, 2018

Plant Based Foods Industry Contributes $13.7 Billion To U.S. Economy, Says Report

The data also shows the sector has created more than 60,000 jobs

April 12, 2018

Tesco Profits Surge Following Release Of Plant-Based Ready Meal Range

The Wicked Kitchen line was launched in 600 stores this January

March 9, 2018

Welsh Dairy: New Report Shows Up To 75% Of Farms Are Unprofitable

The authors say findings suggest there are problems with the industry

February 13, 2018

$2.4 Trillion Group Of Investors Urges Companies To Make Plant Based Products

A new report shows that alternative proteins are rapidly going mainstream

January 24, 2018

Growing Vegan Population Driving $88.2 Million Projected Market For Potato Protein

Europe accounts for the largest share of the market

January 16, 2018

Global Plant Milk Market To Surpass $34 Billion by 2024

Consumers are ditching dairy for a number of reasons

January 15, 2018

Beyond Burger In Europe: High Profile Italian Entrepreneur Tommy Chiabra Invests In Startup

The businessman is committed to investing in ethical and environmental causes

January 15, 2018

Companies Should Avoid The 'Vegan Label' To Maximize Sales, Expert Says

GFI's Co-Founder Bruce Friedrich believes 'plant-based protein' is more appropriate

December 8, 2017

BREAKING: Meat Giant Tyson Increases Stake In Plant Based Beyond Meat

Producers are increasingly looking toward 'alternative' protein

December 7, 2017

UK Milk Alternative Sector To Soar By 43% Over Next Four Years

Over the same period dairy milk sales are expected to rise by just 5.2%

December 5, 2017

FORECAST: Plant Milk Market 'To Exceed $21 Billion' By 2024

Veganism, sustainability, and lactose intolerance are boosting the market

November 22, 2017

Quorn: 'Brexit Won't Stop Investment Into Meat Free Food As We Go Global'

The brand currently already sells products in a number of countries

November 14, 2017

Global Soy Protein Market To Skyrocket Due To 'Increasing Inclination Toward Vegan Diet'

Plant-based diets are on the rise - and as a result, the soy protein market is thriving

November 9, 2017

Global Plant Based Protein Market To Reach $16 Billion By 2025

Vegan protein sources are increasingly becoming more mainstream

November 8, 2017

'Perception Issues' See Struggling SeaWorld Profits Nosedive Again

The company still hasn't overcome the fall out from 2013 documentary Blackfish

October 24, 2017

Plant Based Russian Entrepreneur To Revolutionize Vegan Scene In India

The businesswoman wants to make veganism mainstream

October 23, 2017

The Guardian Asks: Is Veganism Big Business?

Once again, the mainstream paper has put vegan living in the spotlight

October 10, 2017

UK's First Vegan Trade Show To Debut This Month

World-renowned plant-based trade and media professionals will be featured at the event

October 5, 2017

Plant Based Jackfruit Business Wins Virgin Media Competition

Vegan online business Project Jackfruit has won the big prize for its innovative concept

October 2, 2017

Nestlé To Leverage Vegan Trend With New Releases

The giant food conglomerate believes veganism is here to stay

September 14, 2017

Dairy Alternatives U.S. Market Soars: Up 20 Percent This Year

The plant-based market is booming

September 12, 2017

Increased Demand For Vegan Products Will See Egg Replacement Market Soar

The egg subsitute market is predicted to see a growth until 2023 - due to the increasing number of vegans

September 7, 2017

Beef, Eggs, And Dairy Are Seeing Massive Price Drops

Animal-based products have seen the longest period of deflation in 60 years

May 16, 2017

Business Dropped Meat from Menu...And Saw Profits Rise

New York eatery took in more cash in the months before closure

May 16, 2017

Record Breaking £800,000 Cash Injection Launches Vegan Business allplants into Big Time

The massive investment will be used to bring plant-based food to mainstream major retailers

May 1, 2017

Go Vegan For Three Courses at Harvester With Brand New Vegan Menu

Harvester UK is a large countrywide restaurant chain. They now include a range of vegan dishes on their menu.

April 29, 2017

Quorn Products Officially Registered As Vegan

Quorn Finally Acquires the Vegan Society Mark Of Approval

April 19, 2017

Bagel Factory Is First Uk Chain To Offer Bagels With Vegan Cream Cheese

Bagel Shop Scoops PETA Award for Dairy-Free Spread Debut

April 10, 2017

Investigation Discovers Cat Fur and Other Skins Sold as ‘Fake Fur’

Gloves and shoes are just two of the items being sold on the British high street containing real fur – which is labelled as ‘fake’.

March 30, 2017

Kip and Keegan Take on the Complex Topic of Health in Groundbreaking Documentary

What the Health is the groundbreaking follow-up film from the creators of the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy. The film exposes the collusion and corruption in government and big business that is costing us trillions of healthcare dollars, and keeping us sick.

March 28, 2017

IT'S OFFICIAL! Pret a Manger Is Opening ANOTHER Veggie Shop

Vegan mac 'n' cheese will be served at Pret a Manger's second all-veggie shop, which is opening next week

March 28, 2017

Asda Become First UK Supermarket To Use The Official Vegan Trademark

Asda has paved the way as the first UK supermarket to approach The Vegan Society with intention to improve the labelling of its vegan products – including vodka

March 22, 2017

Activists Interrupt Ribbon-Cutting with Bullhorns, “Humane Meat” Protest

Animal Rights Activists Interrupt Chicago Whole Foods Grand Opening, Decry Violence Against Animals

March 22, 2017

10 Things The Government Doesn't Want You To Know

Below are some simple truths that governments around the World often don't tell us. To see the sources for each fact, click on the corresponding photos.

March 8, 2017

Fair trade and veganism have more in common than you think

Fighting world hunger, defending those without a voice and making it easier for customers to choose ethically-made products are all noble goals.