May 17, 2019

Vegan Chris Packham Receives CBE At Buckingham Palace

The TV presenter and naturalist was appointed a CBE for his services to nature conservation

May 1, 2019

Vegan Chris Packham Receives Death Threats After Campaigning Against Blood Sports

The BBC television presenter said he has received a threat listing things his detractors say they could do - including organizing a car crash

April 29, 2019

Vegan Chris Packham Sent Penis Hate Mail After Shooting Campaign Angers Farmers

Last week, dead birds were hung by the neck from the BBC presenter's fence, as the bloodsports community and farmers express their rage at not being able to indiscriminately shoot so-called pest birds

April 26, 2019

Farming Poll Asking If Vegan Chris Packham Should Be Fired Backfires

The poll asks whether 'the BBC sack outspoken Springwatch presenter Chris Packham', who is unpopular with farmers because of his anti bloodsports campaigning - but 71% of respondents say he should keep his job

April 25, 2019

Dead Birds Hung From Vegan Chris Packham's Fence After He Campaigns Against Shooting

The TV presenter has been involved in a campaign to revoke general shooting licenses for so-called 'pest' species including pigeons and crows

February 6, 2019

Pope Francis Offered $1 Million To Go Vegan For Lent In Celebrity-Backed Campaign

The Pope is being asked to ditch meat and dairy, with campaigners urging him to help fight climate change with diet change - in return for a significant donation to a charity of his choice

January 11, 2019

Chris Packham Urges People To Go Vegan - Or Reduce Meat And Dairy

The acclaimed wildlife naturalist and broadcaster, who has become a patron of the charity Compassion In World Farming, wants people to learn more about animal ag

December 30, 2018

'If People Knew How Animals Are Treated, They Wouldn't Eat Them' Says Chris Packham

He believes that if photographs of the animals and the conditions they’ve been kept in were put on the labels of food in supermarkets, people wouldn't buy it

November 27, 2018

Chris Packham-Backed Petition Against Dog Experiments Hits 80k Names

The petition is part of a campaign by welfare organization Cruelty Free International, which is backed by multiple celebrities and politicians

October 1, 2018

Chris Packham Is Going Vegan: Cites Animals And The Environment

The vegetarian wildlife conservationist is ditching the dairy

March 29, 2018

Ricky Gervais, Bill Oddie and Evanna Lynch Fight For Import Ban On Foie Gras

As part of the campaign, Bill Oddie has delivered 70,000 signatures to Parliament

March 27, 2018

Chris Packham Blasts 'Sickening' Cull As 'Celebrity' Badgers Face Possible Death

The animals appeared on television earlier this month

March 18, 2018

Chris Packham Calls For Honest Photo Labeling On Animal Products

The TV presenter thinks shoppers would act differently if they were shown the truth