June 11, 2019

Bryan Adams Says 'Go Vegan' - Wearing 'Veganism For Everybody' Shirt

The rock icon took to Instagram to share his pro-vegan message - sharing his words with more than half a million followers

March 29, 2019

Vegan Rocker Bryan Adams Shows Off The 'Best Food On The Planet'

The outspoken animal advocate took to social media to share a picture of his avocado lunch - sprinkled with a very special spice

January 14, 2019

'Don't Believe Meat Industry Propaganda' Says Vegan Bryan Adams

The star took to Instagram to answer a question he 'occasionally' gets from fans - where he gets his protein from on an animal-free diet

November 23, 2018

Rock Legend Bryan Adams Says 'Go Vegan!'

The iconic musician shared a recent Guardian article by Plant Based News columnist Chas Newkey Burden highlighting the horrors of the slaughterhouse for both humans and animals

January 2, 2018

Rock Star Bryan Adams Tells 320,000 Fans To 'Go Vegan'

Adams has long touted the benefits of ditching animal products

December 3, 2017

Rock God Bryan Adams Says: 'Go Vegan'

The star ditched animal products years ago