A healthy, delicious twist on a Malay dish, full of protein and no oil at all!

Tempeh is a brilliant way to include protein in a plant-based diet, and you'll love it EVEN MORE when you try this delicious preparation that gets a thumbs up from everybody. with even a raw option!

Sambal Goreng Tempeh

Sambal Goreng Tempeh

  • 2-3Servings


  • 200g Tempeh

Sambal Sauce

  • 2 fresh red chillies - one for processing, one for slicing2 shallots - one for processing, one for slicing2 cloves garlic, chopped½-inch fresh galangal root, sliced 1 tablespoon tamarind pulp1 tomato, cubed1-inch fresh sand ginger root 2 tablespoons organic palm sugar1 tablespoon organic light soy sauce1 teaspoon miso paste, any colour½ teaspoon organic salt


  • Assorted microgreens or spring onions


1. Cut tempeh into triangles

2. Set aside sliced chili and sliced shallot.

3️. Sambal sauce: Process the remaining chili slices, shallot, garlic, galangal, tamarind pulp, tomato, ginger root, sugar, salt, soy sauce and miso in a blender till smooth.

4. Pour sauce onto tempeh slices and mix till well-coated. Add in sliced chilli and shallot.

5. Place tempeh mixture onto non-stick dehydrator sheet and dehydrate at 45 degrees Celsius for 2.5 hours or until desired texture. Alternatively pan fry the tempeh or bake in oven.

6️. Serve and enjoy!

This recipe has been republished with permission from Raw Chef Yin. To master making tempeh from scratch at home, check out Yin's Online Tempeh Course!

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