A naturally sweet and crumbly, gluten-free oat pastry case filled with lots of summery fruits

It is time to get on board the galette train! This oat-based pastry tastes wholesome, nutty, and naturally sweet. Almost like granola, it is that good! Unlike a regular pie, you don’t need to worry about shaping the pastry into a tin, filling the inside and covering the top, instead, you simply roll it out, arrange the filling in the center and carefully fold up the edges over the filling towards the center, creating a case. 

You can switch out the fruits in the filling for your favorites that are in season, and with the unique shape of the pastry you'll have a treat you can call your very own.

  • Duration
  • 4-6Servings



    • 160g oat flour (or oats)
    • 50g ground almonds
    • 60g cold coconut oil or vegan butter/margarine
    • 1 tbsp coconut sugar
    • ½ tsp cinnamon
    • 1 pinch of salt
    • 40ml cold water (fridge cold)


    • 2 nectarines, sliced
    • 80g blueberries
    • 1 tbsp lemon juice
    • ½ lemon, zested
    • 2 tbsp coconut sugar, optional
    • 1 tsp cornflour or arrowroot starch


1. If starting with oats, blitz them in a blender to form oat flour. Add to a large mixing bowl with the ground almonds.
2. Add the cold coconut oil or vegan butter/margarine to the bowl and use a knife to cut it into the flour. Now use your fingertips to rub the fat into the flour to form a sticky mix. Stir through the coconut sugar, cinnamon and salt. Pour in the cold water and bring the dough together with a spoon. Shape into a ball and cover in a wrap. Leave to chill in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.
3. Meanwhile, de-stone and slice the nectarines. Add to a small bowl with the blueberries, lemon juice, lemon zest, coconut sugar and cornflour. Stir well and leave to one side.
4. Preheat the oven to 170Fan/190*C. Cover a surface with a large piece of baking parchment and place the dough on top. Using a second piece of parchment, carefully roll the dough out between the two sheets to form an oval shape, ½ cm thick.
5. Spoon the fruit mixture (leave the juice in the bowl) into the centre of the dough, leaving a 2cm gap around the edge. Using the bottom sheet of parchment, roll/fold the edges of the dough over the fruit towards the centre – it is best to use the parchment to avoid tears in the pastry and to create a smooth edge.
6. Transfer the baking parchment and the pastry onto an oven-proof tray and bake for 40-50 minutes until golden and crisp.
7. Serve warm or cold with banana ice cream, yoghurt or on its own.

This recipe was republished with permission from Nourishing Amy. Find the original recipe here.

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