Leonardo DiCaprio Endorsed Film 'Eating Our Way To Extinction' To Launch In 2020

The filmmakers have revealed that they are currently conducting test screenings of the documentary - and taking care of final tweaks
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The film is set for release after New Year 

The film is set for release after New Year 

Highly-anticipated documentary Eating Our Way to Extinction will be available to watch after New Year, according to the production team.

The film, which aims to 'expose the true cost of eating animals', focuses on issues around compassion, environment, health, and economics. It has high profile supporters including Leonardo DiCaprio, who described a viral clip of the movie as 'the video future generations will be wishing everyone watched today'.

Produced by Otto and Ludo Brockway, the film is narrated by Kate Winslet.

'Nearly there'

"We are nearly there," revealed the team. "We have just completed our first round of cinema test screenings, thanks to Curzon Cinemas, Soho House and all the people who came along, we had some very positive and much-needed feedback.

"We will be making some small changes and tweaks over the next few weeks, and in the meantime, our executive producer Magnus Hollo is screening the film to several distributors to gauge the current interest in the film in its current form. We had some positive feedback from Universal Pictures who had a screening last week.

"If all goes to plan, then sometime after New Year, the film will be widely available to watch. Having seen the film in numerous cinemas and from all the feedback from our test screenings, we feel that we have a powerful film that will become a great tool to inspire and educate millions of people to the impact animal agriculture has on our beautiful planet."