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January 24, 2019

Lush Now Does Vegan Facials - And They're Everything We Hoped They'd Be

Lush: forget the bath bombs; now Lush has branched out further into skincare - and it is excelling

October 15, 2018

REVIEW: Vegan Highlights At Club Soda's Mindful Drinking Festival In Glasgow

The alternative festival visited a city where vegan and wellbeing businesses thrive

April 13, 2018

Australian Psychologist Coins Term To Describe Anguish Of Vegans: 'Vystopia'

The term gives a name to the unique experience of being vegan in a non-vegan world

October 18, 2017

REVIEW: Delicious Plant Based Food Without The Junk

Who says healthy can't be tasty?

August 23, 2017

What In The World Is 'Veggie Planet'? A Look At An Awesome New Vegan Travel Book

Wendy Werneth’s ‘Veggie Planet’ offers a world of vegan cuisine to readers

July 31, 2017

REVIEW: In A World Of Animal Abuse, 'Toro, a Calf’s Tale' Aims To Enlighten

The author has created a book that is thought-provoking and moving

July 14, 2017

Musical Artist Michael Harren On His Inspiring Summer Tour For Animals

Meet Michael Harren, a songwriter on a mission to help animals.

July 3, 2017

REVIEW: Okja Forces Us To Look Into The Dark Face Of Meat Production

The Netflix film questions greed and morality - and does so with CGI aplomb

June 26, 2017

Major Vegan Event Coming Up At Beijing's China National Convention Center

More than 35,000 visitors are expected to attend

June 5, 2017

James Cameron's New Film The Game Changers Charts The Rise Of Veganism

Do you need to eat meat to be big and strong? Of course not. James Cameron’s documentary showcases top athletes and others to show how you can thrive and live life to the absolute fullest as a vegan

June 2, 2017

Latest Netflix Film Okja Looks Like Must-See Vegan Movie

A big-budget movie with a vegan message received a four-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival. Learn more about what makes it so fascinating.

April 21, 2017

Film Review: Eating You Alive

A Feature-length Documentary Revealing The Truth Behind Why Americans Are So Sick And What We Can Do About It.

March 22, 2017

BBC Creates 'Carnage' With New Vegan Mockumentary

We review the new vegan documentary everyone is talking about

March 5, 2017

Cowspiracy-Makers Launch 'What the Health'

We review the long-awaited Cowspiracy follow-up

November 10, 2016

Before the Flood: “Consume Differently”

Two years in the making, Before the Flood follows Leonardo DiCaprio’s 2014 appointment as United Nations Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change

September 23, 2016

Vegan: Everyday Stories - Film Review

This documentary shares the lives of several remarkably different people, proving that not all vegans are the same - it comes highly recommended