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July 15, 2019

Lady Gaga Launches Cruelty-Free And Vegan Beauty Brand

The star's makeup-line states it is completely vegan 'because we love animals and you'

July 15, 2019

Knitwear Brand Behind 'Harry Potter' Uniforms Ditches Cashmere And Launches Vegan Clothes

Lochaven of Scotland, which supplied the Hogwarts uniforms worn in the Harry Potter film series, vowed to ditch the material following the released of an industry exposé by vegan charity PETA

July 5, 2019

Glasgow Kilt Brand To Create World's First Vegan Tartan As Demand Increases

The co-creator of the fabric, which will be free from all animal materials, said he wants to increase awareness of the positive effects of vegan living

June 27, 2019

World's First Book On Vegan Fashion And Beauty Lands On Bookshelves In July

'Vegan Style' covers fashion, beauty, accessories, homeware and travel for the cruelty-free crowd

June 6, 2019

Cruelty-Free Giant Lush Debuts New Range Of Vegan Makeup Brushes

The beauty brand has expanded its vegan range with its latest collection of synthetic makeup brushes

June 4, 2019

Homewear Brand Launches Vegan, Biodegradable Bedding Made From Eucalyptus

The new product meets growing demand for animal-free and eco-friendly homeware, as more consumers become more conscious

June 1, 2019

Footwear Company Ditches Leather To Produce Vegan Sneakers Using Reclaimed Ocean Plastic

In a 'turning point' for the brand, Duuo has launched its first ever vegan collection

May 29, 2019

H&M Wins Homeware Award For Its 'Conscious Collection' Vegan Wool Rug

The item was honored as part of animal rights charity PETA's third annual Vegan Homeware Awards, which also highlighted apple leather furniture, soy-wax candles, and bedding made from a recycled fiber down alternative

May 27, 2019

Global Footwear And Accessories Company Turns Fully Vegan

'While we are happy with this most recent step within our journey towards a better future, we also recognize that we still have work to do and are working on exciting sustainability initiatives to come later this year'

May 22, 2019

Top Designer Prada Ditching Fur To Meet Demand For 'Ethical Products'

The fashion house joins a slew of others in dropping the unethical fabric, as consumers clammer for alternative options

May 20, 2019

A Lesser Of Two Evils: Animal Leather And Common Synthetic Vegan Leather Alternatives

Let's look at some of the assumptions surrounding leather, and see how it really compares to even the most unsustainable alternative to it‍

May 17, 2019

100% Vegan Fashion Show Returns To London

The event, which will be held on Brick Lane, has partnered with industry giants including Paul Mitchell haircare and Kat Von D make-up

May 14, 2019

Vegan Brand Debuts 'Climate Positive' Sneaker Collection

'We wanted to create a company that not only delivered the perfect silhouette but also pushed the boundaries of how sustainable brands can help the planet'

May 13, 2019

Fashion Giant H&M Ditches Cashmere Following Vegan Investigation

Investigators from animal rights charity PETA Asia filmed cashmere farms and in abattoirs in China and Mongolia and obtained footage of goats being abused and hurt

May 13, 2019

Kylie Jenner Launches Vegan And Cruelty-Free Skincare Range

The make-up mogul announced the line - which will be available to buy later this month - on Instagram

May 8, 2019

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Show Off Customized Vegan Leather Shoes At Met Gala

The celebrity couple has been praised for being 'dressed (compassionately) to impress.'

April 28, 2019

Kendall Jenner Launches Collection Of Vegan Oral-Care Products

The celebrity model turned entrepreneur has co-created 'an oral care experience unlike any other'

April 25, 2019

Adidas Creates Fully Recyclable Sneakers

The sportswear giant wants to create a 'closed loop' manufacturing model, where raw materials can be repurposed again and again

April 25, 2019

Is Fashion Really 'Vegan' If It Includes Human Exploitation?

When we talk about vegan fashion, we mostly talk about animals. This is absolutely critical, but the importance of vegan fashion rings true still when we ask 'who killed your clothes?'

April 21, 2019

Reebok Turns Its Corn And Cotton Sneakers Vegan

The sportswear brand has been described as being 'at the forefront of a vegan revolution'

April 18, 2019

Avon Calls For Global Animal Testing Ban - Despite Selling In China

The beauty company has joined the #BeCrueltyFree campaign whilst failing to have cruelty-free accreditation itself for operating in the Chinese market

April 15, 2019

Canada Goose Reportedly Developing Faux Fur, Says Vegan Activist

The controversial coat company has been targeted by activists over its use of coyote fur and goose down in its coats - and blasted for its inhumane treatment of animals

April 10, 2019

Fashion Giant Topshop Launches Vegan Shoe Line

The collection features 12 pairs of shoes in six different styles that come in two colors. They are made from animal-free fabrics and glue

April 1, 2019

H&M Launches Collection Made With Vegan Pineappple Leather and Orange Silk

Innovative vegan materials are going mainstream, as a fashion giant takes new fabrics built to be sustainable and animal free to the British high street

March 26, 2019

Hawaii Takes Step Towards Becoming Cruelty-Free For Cosmetics

The state's Cruelty Free Cosmetics Act has passed the House of Representatives and now moves to the Senate for consideration

March 25, 2019

TV Star Tiffany Watson Launches Vegan Handbag Line

The former 'Made in Chelsea' celebrity launched her company threesixfive last year, selling a range of vegan leather-bound notebooks. Now she has expanded the line with a host of new accessories

March 24, 2019

PETA Buys Shares In Levi's To Push Company Into Ditching Leather

The company has bought the minimum stake required to submit 'shareholder resolutions'

March 22, 2019

Global Fashion Brand Makes Vegan Shoes From Recycled Car Seats

Insecta Shoes, which has always been a vegan-friendly brand, offers a colourful, cruelty-free range. The company's products will soon be available all over the world

March 21, 2019

New Eco-Friendly Vegan Sneakers Are Made From Pineapples

The kicks are made by Dutch footwear brand, Mercer Amsterdam, which says it is the first brand in the luxury sneaker segment to use innovative Piñatex® in its designs

March 21, 2019

Lush Launches 'Zero Waste' Refillable Lipstick Case For Its Vegan Make-Up

The cruelty-free giant says the case, which is plastic-free and recyclable, has a 'vintage design'

March 21, 2019

Vegans Buy Shares In Fashion Group - To Persuade It To Ditch Wool

Clothing giant boohoo recently U-turned on its decision to drop wool, following pressure from the wool industry. Now animal rights charity PETA will attend its annual general meeting to advocate for sheep

March 20, 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Footwear Brand Seven Feet Apart Debuts Its First Vegan Sneaker Range

The company says it will consider ditching leather and going fully vegan if it sees the demand

March 20, 2019

French Fashion Label Zadig & Voltaire Ditches Fur Winning Vegan Praise

The fashion house joins an increasingly long list of designers who have dropped the controversial material, including Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci, Versace, Armani, and Burberry

March 18, 2019

Young Designers Turn Waste Plastic Bottles Into 'Luxury Vegan Fashion'

According to the company called KAROMade, it wanted to 'help the world to get rid of that waste by giving it a new life in the best possible way'. It limits waste by crafting items to order

March 17, 2019

China Celebrates Step Closer To Banning Cosmetic Animal Testing

Post-market testing for finished imported and domestically produced cosmetics in China will no longer include animal tests

March 17, 2019

Clothing Brand ETHCS Reveals New Partnership With Veganuary Founders

The partnership, which has been described as a 'new era for the company', follows the stand down of ex-founder and ex-vegan, Tim Shieff

March 13, 2019

Innovative Company Launches Beauty Range Featuring Vegan Silk

After mushroom leather and synthetic spider silk, Bolt Threads' new launch is vegan silk beauty

March 13, 2019

Fashion Giant Boohoo U-Turns On Wool Ban: Vegan Activists Urge It To Reconsider

The company said it would stop using the fabric after undercover footage in multiple shearing sheds across the globe revealed animal abuse and mistreatment

March 7, 2019

Amsterdam Fashion Week Ditches Fur Following Vegan Pressure

The event had been in talks with animal rights charity PETA before making the decision, which has been described as 'a compassionate move which represents growing desire for animal-friendly fashion'

March 5, 2019

National Trust Under Pressure To Choose Eco-Friendly, Vegan Staff Uniforms

Animal rights charity PETA has contacted the organization urging it to 'protect animals and the Earth' by opting for organic cotton, linen, or other sustainable fabrics for uniforms

March 4, 2019

How To Choose The Perfect Vegan Cruelty-Free Foundation

Navigating the beauty world can be overwhelming, as the shelves are packed with products. A top vegan make-up artist uses her expertise to guide you in the right direction

February 28, 2019

Vegan Haircare Brand Noughty Awarded Cruelty-Free Accreditation

The brand says the Leaping Bunny logo is the 'best guarantee that a company is genuinely committed to doing everything it can to remove animal testing from its entire supply chain'

February 27, 2019

More Than Skin Deep: The Role of Beauty Products in Vegan Advocacy

For many people considering going vegan, switching to cruelty-free cosmetics is the first step towards leading a compassionate lifestyle. Kinder Beauty is making that step easier than ever

February 26, 2019

Selfridges Becomes First Department Store To Ditch Exotic Animal Skins

The store, which stopped selling fur in 2005, said it wants to 'inspire brands and customers through thoughtful, ethical and transparent buying strategies'

February 25, 2019

Clarins Launches 'Vegan' Skincare Range It Won't Sell In China

The new line is aimed at teenagers and those in their early twenties. The products are based on fruit extracts

February 22, 2019

Australia Passes Bill To Ban Animal Testing For Cosmetics

The Industrial Chemicals Bills 2017, which has been passed by the Australian Senate, includes measures which would effectively prohibit reliance on new animal test data for chemicals used as ingredients in cosmetics

February 21, 2019

Herbal Essences Haircare Awarded Cruelty-Free Accreditation by Vegan Charity PETA

The brand, owned by global conglomerate Procter & Gamble has been added to the charity's list of brands that don't test on animals

February 21, 2019

8 Eco-Friendly Vegan Fabrics to Replace Wool - Without Plastic

Innovations in textile development mean it's becoming much easier to ditch animal-derived materials and choose eco-friendly plant-derived options instead

February 20, 2019

Alan Cumming Hosts Vegan Fashion Show At New York Fashion Week

The presentation showcased luxury made-to-measure suits, which were created by the Brave GentleMan label, and crafted from bamboo

February 15, 2019

Global Fashion Giant Boohoo Ditches Wool After Vegan Exposé

Undercover footage has revealed workers beating petrified sheep, mutilating them, and slitting the throats of fully conscious animals

February 15, 2019

Heather Mills Reveals Details Of Her New Affordable Vegan And Cruelty-Free Make-Up Range

The new range, which will be available to buy from Summer 2019, includes a capsule collection of nine products described as 'hard working and easy to apply'

February 13, 2019

Designers Showing Fur At London Fashion Week Will Breach Its Animal Welfare Guidelines

Under the guidelines, animals who are used for their skins must be afforded five 'freedoms' - these include freedom from hunger and thirst; discomfort; pain, injury or disease; fear and distress. Fur farming is incompatible with these

February 12, 2019

Victoria Beckham Ditches Exotic Animal Skins After Vegan Appeal

The high-end fashion brand was already fur-free, now the designer is also banning alligator, crocodile, ostrich, and snake skins

February 9, 2019

Iconic Sneaker Brand Veja Launches Vegan And Biodegradable Shoes Made From Corn

The company wanted to offer an ethical non-leather version of its wildly popular sneaker - but felt that plastic was not environmentally-friendly enough

February 8, 2019

Top 5 Amazing Vegan And Cruelty-Free Mascaras

A vegan make-up artist shares her top-tips when it comes to finding the best beauty picks suitable for a range of budgets

February 6, 2019

Pineapple And Apple Leather On Catwalk At First-Ever Vegan Fashion Week in LA

The event celebrated innovative animal-free fabrics as well as creative design, bringing industry professionals and influencers together to mingle

February 5, 2019

British Furniture Brand Launches Vegan Leather Line Of Iconic Chesterfield Sofas

The company says it has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries from people looking for animal-free furniture - so it is ditching animal skin, glue, and fabric in its new line

February 5, 2019

Cult Beauty Brand Drunk Elephant Now Cruelty-Free Certified - With Vegan Products

The line, which launched in the UK last year, is based on marula oil and got its name from the idea that elephants eat marula berries to get inebriated

February 4, 2019

Lush Has Launched Reusable And Biodegradable Facial Wipes

The eco-friendly cleansing wipes and makeup remover are made from carrageenan and a finely ground cannellini bean base, with fresh dove orchid infusion and ylang-ylang

February 3, 2019

French Designer Uses Apple Waste To Create Vegan Furniture

Apple Ten Lork consists of the cores and skin of apples, and it's now being used as a vegan leather replacement

January 11, 2019

Cruelty-Free Giant Lush To Open Plastic-Free 'Naked' Shop In UK

The new store will be the first packaging-free cosmetics shop in the country - offering 'naked' alternatives to shampoo, soap, and even skincare

January 10, 2019

Marks & Spencer Launches Affordable Vegan Shoe Line

The new range features 350 styles and was created by the major retailer in response to the growing demand for vegan clothing and accessories

January 9, 2019

Fashion Brand Launches Vegan Puffer Jackets Made From Recycled Plastic And Flowers

PANGAIA - which is loved by musician Pharrell Williams - launched the jacket as an alternative to traditional down options, which involve the cruel plucking of ducks and geese

January 6, 2019

Cruelty-Free Giant Lush Launches 'Naked' Vegan Valentine Range

The store is also launching Lush Flowers in its London flagship store - where customers can grab bouquets of sustainable blooms for their loved ones

January 4, 2019

Luxury Vegan Menswear Brand Launches Suits Made From Bamboo

Brave GentleMan leads the way in eco-friendly vegan men's fashion - and its product is set to raise its profile even further

December 28, 2018

Innovative Company Creates Vegan Wool From Coconut Waste

Coconuts go beyond the kitchen and into our wardrobes with this new wool alternative which is kinder to animals and the environment

December 19, 2018

How One Top Designer Is Saving The World With Vegan Fashion

Textile creators and fashion designers are working hard to create alternative options to the fast fashion garments and materials that are harming the planet and its inhabitants

December 18, 2018

The Body Shop Sells 1 Vegan Beauty Product Every Second In The UK

The rise of veganism has had a huge impact on consumer habits - with more and more people opting for animal-free and cruelty-free grooming products

December 13, 2018

Martha Stewart Launches Affordable Vegan Shoe Collection

The US entrepreneur has won praise from vegan campaigners, who labeled her 'Everyday Martha' range as 'stylish' and 'cruelty-free'

December 12, 2018

All These Top Designer Brands Banned Fur In 2018

After decades of pressure, fashion is finally going fur-free

December 11, 2018

What Is Fast Fashion - And Why Is It Killing Our Planet?

From low-paid workers to the environmental destruction of burning excess clothes, fast fashion is extremely unsustainable

December 10, 2018

Iconic Designer Lacoste Ditches Mohair Following Vegan Exposé

The French brand says it has dropped the material on 'animal welfare grounds' after learning more about animal suffering in the industry

December 8, 2018

Miley Cyrus' Vegan Leather Outfit Labeled 'Forward-Looking' By 'Vogue'

The fashion bible - which has been blasted for advertising fur in the past - dedicated a whole piece to the singer's wardrobe

December 4, 2018

5 Innovative Vegan Materials Designers Use Instead Of Leather

As more people opt for eco-friendly and animal-friendly clothing and accessories, fashion bosses are becoming more inventive in their fabric choices

December 4, 2018

Chanel Ditches Fur And Exotic Animal Skins Citing Ethical Issues

The iconic French fashion house says it will now turn its research and development towards fabrics created by the 'agri-food industries'

November 30, 2018

Cruelty-Free Giant Lush Launches Vegan Plastic-Free Highlighter Stick

The new make-up item joins Lush's growing range of 'naked' products made without packaging in a bid to be more eco-friendly

November 29, 2018

'Major' Clothing Brands Sign Stella McCartney's UN Charter For Sustainable Fashion

The designer wants more designers to think about climate change - and she has reportedly already won support from some big high street names

November 29, 2018

Vegan Expert To Hold Lectures On Investigations And Innovations In Fashion

Breakthroughs in sustainable vegan materials and investigations revealing cruelty in the production of non-vegan fabrics has led to interest in animal-free clothing

November 27, 2018

Lush To Launch Limited Edition Vegan Palm Oil-Free Soap To Save The Orangutans

The cruelty-free company will be making 14,600 bars of the soap to reflect the number of orangutans left in the wild, saying 'once they're gone, they're gone'

November 26, 2018

'Vegan Living Is Fastest-Growing Lifestyle', Says Expert

As a result, consumers are looking to purchase clothes and accessories that are consistent with their values for both animals and the planet, she added

November 23, 2018

New Vegan British-Made Christmas Jumpers Feature David Attenborough

The London-based social enterprise start-up behind the festive knits will donate a jumper to the homeless for every jumper sold

November 23, 2018

Vegan Activists Blast Forever 21 Following 'Gruesome' Wool Exposé

Recent undercover footage of Australian wool farms shows sheep being beaten and mutilated by workers as they are sheared. Now campaigners want the store to ditch the fabric

November 21, 2018

German Brand Creates Vegan Shoes Made from Coffee Leather

We not only love to drink the stuff – we can now wear it, too with this innovative new development from a fashion pioneer

November 18, 2018

Cruelty-Free Brand Launches Vegan Barbie Make-Up Collection

The new vegan make-up line includes lip and nail products that are designed to be 'versatile and wearable' while 'instantly reminding you of Barbie'

November 17, 2018

2019 Will Be The 'Year Of Sustainability', According To Top Influencers

More and more people are becoming aware of issues facing the planet - and are starting to take action towards reducing their impact

November 16, 2018

Evanna Lynch And Daniella Monet Launch Vegan And Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

The pair revealed the collaboration earlier this Summer and received a slew of media coverage. Now the much-hyped box is finally available to order online

November 14, 2018

Award-Winning Fashion Innovators Make Vegan Silk - From Oranges

Oranges are the new black

November 12, 2018

Champion Boxer Manny Pacquiao Receives Vegan Zero Waste Gift

The athlete has now switched from an animal skin wallet to one made from leaves

November 11, 2018

Top Designer Jean Paul Gaultier Ditches Fur - Calls It 'Absolutely Deplorable'

The announcement follows 'years of campaigning' by animal rights advocates

November 9, 2018

New Ethical Vegan Kidswear Brand 'Inspires Passion For Animals'

The clothes are made from 100% organic cotton and water-based dye

November 9, 2018

Innovative Biodegradable Fiber Created To Replace Animal Feathers In Fashion

Down production can cause extreme suffering to animals

November 5, 2018

Cosmetics Giant COVERGIRL Certified As Cruelty-Free And Given Leaping Bunny

It is the biggest make-up brand ever to be accredited

October 29, 2018

Luxury Hotel Launches UK's First Vegan Wedding Package To Meet Demand

The hotel has teamed up with a baker, florist, shoe deisgner, and vegan beauty specialist

October 25, 2018

Luxury American Label Coach Ditches Fur

The brand's chief exec branded the move 'the right thing to do'

October 24, 2018

Fashion Innovator Creates Eco-Friendly Vegan Faux Fur From Recycled Plastic Bottles

The fabric will offer an alternative to petroleum-derived faux fur

October 17, 2018

This Innovative Fashion Brand Is Creating Vegan And Cruelty-Free Silk

California tech company Bolt Threads is changing the face of this fabric

October 16, 2018

4 Amazing Vegan Handbag Brands You Will Love

It's easy to be stylish and more eco-friendly with these top buys

October 15, 2018

Vegan Football Club Forest Green Rovers Releases 'Hummus' T-Shirt

The shirt is part of the club's latest fashion range

October 14, 2018

£750 Fox Fur Shawl Coined 'Vagina Scarf' Online

The designer item is made exclusively from animal derived materials