The latest environmental news

August 16, 2017

'Worst Wildfire On Record' Rages On: What Simple Action Can We Take To Help?

Deserts will creep over northwards without planetary thinking and cooperation

August 11, 2017

4 Amazing Ways Going Vegan Can Help The Planet

We have to take action to tackle environmental issues - here are some ways choosing a plant-based diet can play a part

August 7, 2017

Study Reveals Shocking Environmental Impact Of Feeding Meat To Cats And Dogs

The staggering climate cost of companion animals' diets has been calculated

August 3, 2017

'Pollution Absorbing' Tunnels Could Be Built Around UK Motorways To Improve Air Quality

The suggestion was made in Highways England's new air quality strategy report

August 2, 2017

Earth Overshoot Day: We Have Already Used Up All Our Sustainable Resources For The Year

For the rest of 2017, humanity is living on 'credit'

August 2, 2017

Tyson Foods And Other Meat Giants Blamed For Planet's Largest Dead Zone

The varacious appetite for meat is having a harmful impact on the planet

July 31, 2017

Local Fury At Plans To Build Idaho Dairy Farm

Residents are worried that the farm could have negative impact on local air

July 28, 2017

Only 20% Of Brits Know Animal Agriculture Is Major Cause Of Climate Change

A leading vegan charity is launching a campaign to encourage people to try eating plant-based diet for a week

July 28, 2017

90% Of Shoppers Want Plastic-Free Aisle In Supermarkets

Huge numbers of people are concerned about how much plastic is thrown away in the UK

July 26, 2017

Britain To Ban All New Petrol And Diesel Cars By 2040 In Bid To Save Planet

But critics have called the move 'too little too late'

July 24, 2017

All Tesla Car Seats Are Now Made From Vegan Leather

The leading 'green' car company removed the option from its website

July 21, 2017

UK Government Finally Announces Microbead Ban

The destructive plastic beads will be banned from 'wash off' cosmetic products

July 20, 2017

France Bans Petrol And Diesel Cars: But Only Veganism Can Save The Environment Now

France plans to cut all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, but going vegan could impact climate change a lot quicker

July 11, 2017

'Fast Fashion' Blamed For Worsening Carbon Footprint Of UK's Clothing Sector

A new report highlights the damaging effect the clothing industry is having on the planet

July 11, 2017

WARNING: Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction Happening Now - And It Is The Fault Of Humans

Time is running out to control or reverse this trend, according to study

June 16, 2017

Oceans In Crisis: 'We Must Protect Fish From Overfishing And Global Warming'

Fish are leaving tropical waters for cooler areas

June 9, 2017

Farmers Slam Advertising Watchdog After 'Sustainable Organic Milk' Ad Is Banned

The ASA pulled the ad after a customer complaint

June 5, 2017

5 Surprising Facts About Veganism And The Planet On World Environment Day

Animal agriculture is wreaking havoc on the planet

May 30, 2017

Scientists Make Surprising Claim About Amazon Rainforest

New research looks at vulnerability of the forest

May 12, 2017

Barack Obama Says Cutting Back On Steak Is Important

Former President Barack Obama has spoken up on food policy matters in a way that he never has before

May 5, 2017

Monsanto Caught Paying Army Of Internet Trolls!

Monsanto caught with their pants down

March 2, 2017

Burger King's Damning Environmental Impact Exposed

New report shows that the hamburger chain sources animal feed from deforested lands in Brazil and Bolivia

January 20, 2017

Climate Change Plans Rescinded By Trump Administration

Trump administration eliminate all mentions of "climate change" from official website

December 21, 2016

Twenty-Four EU Parliament Members DEMAND Action To Reduce Meat Consumption

Last month, 24 Members of the EU asked the European Commission President and Commissioners to address the problem of unsustainable consumption of animal-based food in the EU

December 1, 2016

We are on the edge of a climatic abyss, what can we do about it?

Through the work of many world renowned scientists, researchers, global leaders, and celebrities, the EATING OUR WAY TO EXTINCTION feature documentary is bringing to life the reality of the true cost of our current relationship with animals, and create a powerful vision of the global movement towards a plant based lifestyle, that is now beginning to unfold before our eyes.

November 12, 2016

The Green Alternative to Google

A German entrepreneur has created a carbon neutral search engine that lets you surf the web and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. By using Ecosia you participate in reforestation programmes around the world

November 12, 2016

Water Is Life: Dakota Pipeline Crises

There is currently a battle in the United States over water

September 26, 2016

US Educator Bill Nye Speaks Out About Animal Agriculture

“It's very reasonable that all of us will move increasingly towards a plant-based (vegan) diet" - science educator Bill Nye

September 17, 2016

Danish Council on Ethics releases report calling for beef tax

The new report argues why a beef tax would be an effective step toward curbing greenhouse gas emissions.