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Plant Based News brings you the latest news about animal rights, ethical consumerism, plant-based food trends and more!


It’s not uncommon for people who learn about plant-based living and veganism to ask, “Why have I never heard of any of this before?” It’s because they’ve been conditioned to believe the conventional narrative: Meat, dairy and eggs are a necessary part of the diet.

Indeed, the stories we have been told for decades by the meat, dairy and egg industries are often false. As a result, many of the practices we have been habituated into by our cultures are unnecessary. The status-quo attitudes pervade our society and perpetuate animal exploitation. This also undermines the health of our planet and its people.

The mainstream media rarely address these issues and when they do it seems to follow an agenda that is to confuse or distract. But there is hope. The animal agricultural industries and mainstream media no longer control the messages.

As a result, veganism is breaking growth and sales records around the world.  More people—everywhere—are becoming vegan. This is reflected in burgeoning industries in all sectors including food, fashion, medicine and climate change technologies.

Veganism is no longer on the fringes but influencing big business to change lanes to follow this strong trending movement. Plant Based News wants to document the movement reporting on the development of it and the conflict it poses to stakeholders unwilling to adjust to its building momentum.

There is a growing audience that want to be informed and educated which will attract businesses wanting to gain their attention. 

The Plant Based News Team

Klaus Mitchell – Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Klaus grew up in London and graduated from the University of Exeter (BSc Human Biosciences – first class honours) in 2013, scoring highest in the year. He then studied at University College London (MSc Genetics of Human Disease - distinction), receiving Medical Research Council funding for ‘academic excellence’. Klaus is experienced in several research roles, including at Kings College London (Department of Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology) and Portsmouth University (Institute of Marine Sciences). He has had a number of writing roles, including authoring an article published in the journal of Public Health Nutrition (PubMed ID: 25683748), which explored the effect of diet on various health markers. His background as a scientist underpins his thorough approach that has helped make Plant Based News what it is today.

Klaus’ journalism in the last couple of years is best known for the annual films and presentations that he produces and presents, respectively, which showcase the progress in the vegan movement.   

Robbie Lockie – Co-founder, Creative & Technology Director

Robbie was born in Zimbabwe, where he started his career in digital design in 1999. He then came to London in 2000 to further his career in design, media and communications.

Robbie has worked with variety of ethical brands, notably he managed the website infrastructure rebuild and relaunch for Veganuary. In 2016 he co-produced a short documentary, SWINE for UK Animal charity Viva. He has been involved in a number of online campaigns, including his successful January 2016 campaign against Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s London Underground adverts, he has also campaigned for LOVE146, an anti child slavery charity as well as Move your Money, a charity helping to raise awareness about ethical banking.

Robbie co-founded Plant Based News LTD with Klaus in 2017, to act as a global platform for change.

Martica Heaner, PhD – Adviser

Martica was born in Houston, Texas, and is a health writer and nutrition expert based in New York.

She is a research associate at Columbia University Medical Centre and Adjunct Associate Professor of Nutrition at Hunter College. Newspaper publications include: the New York Times (Science Times & Thursday Styles), the New York Post, The Sunday Times and The Times in London, Financial Times, The Daily Mail, The Mirror, The Sunday Telegraph, and The Express. Magazine publications include: Glamour, More, Prevention, Family Circle, Shape, Health, Self, Marie Clare, Fitness, Redbook, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Maxim, Cooking Light, All You, Parenting, New York, IDEA Fitness Journal, Golf for Women, Modern Brides, Woman's Day, Men's Health, Zest, GQ, New Woman, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Health & Fitness and others.

She has appeared on numerous TV news programs including NBCs Today Show, CBSs Early Show, CNN, Fox & Friends, WPIX, NBCs Weekend Today, and others. Martica has also authored 8 books.

Robin Ravin – Writer, Contributor

Robin Raven is the author of Santa’s First Vegan Christmas. She has written for such publications as VegNews, The Malibu Times, Alabama Baby & Child Magazine, the official website of Melissa Gilbert, and USAToday.com. She holds a BFA from the School of Visual Arts and is now furthering her education. Robin often has her nose in a book and her arms around a rescued animal. She’s a vegan foodie who blogs at RobinRaven.com and loves to connect with readers on social media. You can follow her @RobinRaven on Twitter.