November 13, 2018

5 Steps To Help People Eat Less Meat

A veg-heavy diet is better for animals, the planet, and human health

July 9, 2018

Jamie Oliver: 'I Love Vegans - 70% Of My Output Is Meat-Free'

The celebrity chef acknowledged that vegans don't always love him

June 18, 2018

'Bacon Versus Facon' As Vegan Cafe Opens Next Door To Butchers

The pairing has been seen as a novelty by many locals

June 4, 2018

UK Supermarket Waitrose Launches Fully Vegan Section

The upmarket chain has responded to customer demand

May 14, 2018

Waitrose To Launch New Vegan Section And Products

The upmarket chain is responding to customer demand

March 3, 2018

UK Supermarket Iceland Releases New 'Beefy' Plant-Based Burger

One man described the patty as 'fascinatingly beefy'

February 6, 2018

29% Of UK Meals Consumed In January Were Meat Free

Analysts claim vegan food is set to hit the mainstream

November 30, 2017

Former Cattle Rancher: 'Farmers Feel Under Attack Due To Animal Activism'

Canadian farmer Mike Lanigan now runs a vegetables-only farm and an animal sanctuary

November 13, 2017

VIDEO: Burpees And Vegetables - Dr. Greger's Guide To Perfect Health

Watch Dr. Greger prepare his favorite smoothie - and do some burpees while he's at it...

November 1, 2017

Ex Pig Farmer: "Veganism Is The Future Of Farming"

"If you care about animals, the answer isn’t 'humane meat'," said the now-vegetable farmer

October 26, 2017

Sainsbury's Unveils Plot To Make Veg More Sexy

The retailer is encouraging customers to eat more healthily