January 7, 2019

'Go Vegan Or We Die' Vegan Activists Say While Protesting Brazil's New President

The campaigners called on the new president to try Veganuary, saying that ditching animal products is essential to save the Amazon

October 7, 2018

Toronto City Council Asks Public To Weigh In On Plastic Problem

One concillor says single-use plastics are hurting the environment, and costing the city money

August 27, 2018

Toronto Mega Mall Flooded With Vegan Activists

Roughly 300 animal advocates came with a message of love and compassion

July 14, 2018

Brewery Set To Open In Toronto's All-Vegan 'Neighborhood'

The brewery boasts 'strong brews' to match 'strong convictions'

July 3, 2018

10 Top Vegan-Friendly Cities

Traveling as a vegan just got more exciting

May 28, 2018

New Animal-Free Pet Food Company Aims For 'Worldwide Impact' With Algae And Clean Meat

Because Animals aims to offer products that are 'nutrient-packed, human-grade, and environmentally sustainable'

March 29, 2018

Chef Carves Up Deer Leg In Front Of Vegan Protestors

He said he 'wanted to offend' the activists

March 19, 2018

Toronto's 10th Annual Vegan Bake-Off Sells 700 Advanced Tickets

Creator Lisa Pitman has been an ethical vegan since her teens

November 17, 2017

Award Winning Chef To Open Toronto's First Vegan Diner

The diner will offer veganized versions of traditional classics

August 21, 2017

Gourmet Vegan Food Service Launches In Toronto's Financial District

The new concept aims to deliver tasty food while minimizing the environmental footprint