March 25, 2019

TV Star Tiffany Watson Launches Vegan Handbag Line

The former 'Made in Chelsea' celebrity launched her company threesixfive last year, selling a range of vegan leather-bound notebooks. Now she has expanded the line with a host of new accessories

May 4, 2018

Vegan Stars Lucy And Tiffany Watson Open Plant-Based Restaurant

The stars showed off the venue at their launch party last night

November 26, 2017

Made In Chelsea Sisters Lucy And Tiffany Watson Spill The Beans About Their Vegan Restaurant

The siblings also shared their thoughts about the vegan community

November 13, 2017

VIDEO: Vegan Celebs Lucy And Tiffany Watson Show How To Distinguish Faux From Real Fur

The high profile vegan sisters give shoppers their top tips

November 6, 2017

INTERVIEW: 'Made In Chelsea' Star Tiffany Watson Talks Family, Business And Veganism

The businesswoman is on a mission to prove that ethical is beautiful

October 26, 2017

Made In Chelsea's Tiffany Watson To Release Vegan Merch This Month

The star will be selling a range of stationery products including diaries

October 10, 2017

'Made In Chelsea' Star To Open Vegan Restaurant In London

The star has also admitted she'd 'love to date a vegan'