September 6, 2018

Adidas Launches Vegan Stan Smith Shoes Designed By Stella McCartney

She suggested the collaboration after realising how many animal's lives could be saved it the sportswear giant switched to veggie leather

September 5, 2018

Fashion Designer Stella McCartney Launches Vegan Fur Line

According to the brand, the fur industry is 'getting away with murder'

May 2, 2018

Gym Bag By Stella McCartney Wins Vegan Fashion Award

Other winners include Fiona Oakes and Sweaty Betty

March 5, 2018

Designer Stella McCartney Challenges Students To Invent 'Vegan Wool'

The fashionista teamed up with animal rights charity PETA

November 29, 2017

Fashion Council To Honor Vegan Friendly Designer Stella McCartney For Championing Animals Rights

The star has called for an overhaul of the 'wasteful' fashion industry

November 13, 2017

Zayn Malik, Stella McCartney And Gucci Receive Vegan Fashion Awards

The musician was one of the winners at PETA's fashion awards

July 25, 2017

Designer Stella McCartney Joins Forces With Tech Firm To Work With Vegan Silk

The designer says she's always been troubled by the use of silk

June 13, 2017

Designer Stella McCartney To Incorporate Ocean Debris Into Designs

The longterm vegetarian has never used animal skin in her line