January 30, 2018

Are Animals Sentient? The Government Wants Your View On New Law

The consultation deadline is fast approaching

December 14, 2017

UK Government Launches Public Consultation On Animal Sentience Bill

The consultation will give people an opportunity to share their thoughts on the draft bill

December 12, 2017

BREAKING: Government Drafts New UK Welfare Law After Animal Sentience Row

Campaigners have asked for further clarification on which animals will be covered by new legislation

September 4, 2017

Richard Dawkins: Animals Feel More Intense Pain Than Humans

The biologist gives his theory on pain and natural selection

August 30, 2017

Crustaceans' Sentience Is Underrated - But This New Lobster Liberation Group Is Changing That

The group also expects the demand for crustaceans to decline

May 9, 2017

Suffolk Chicken Farm Cruelty Exposed

Photos Show Stressed Birds Crammed Into a Shed Among Rotting Corpses

February 23, 2017

ABC News Follows Activist Into "Cage-Free" Egg Farm

ABC News shows what farmers don't want you to see

January 22, 2017

Vegan Media Veteran Unleashes on Animal Rights Groups

Bob Linden from GoVeganRadio.com leaves everyone speechless

January 20, 2017

PETA Pressures Louis Vuitton By Buying Company Shares

The animal rights pressure group became a shareholder in the luxury brand in a bid to gain decision-making power

December 22, 2016

Animal Advocates Should Focus On Anti-speciesism, Not Veganism

How can we help nonhuman animals as much as possible? A good answer to this question could spare billions from suffering and death, while a bad one could condemn as many to that fate. So it’s worth taking our time to find good answers.