April 14, 2019

Palitana Dubbed The World's First 'Vegetarian City' After Government Ban Animal Slaughter

The Indian region, in the Bhavnagar district, also prohibits the sale of meat and egg - but not the consumption of dairy

November 8, 2018

'Christians Should Be Animal Advocates', Says Vegan Founder Of Religious Organization

He described veganism as 'a faithful response to Jesus' teachings of love and compassion'

March 29, 2018

OPINION: Eating Animals Goes Against Everything Easter Is About

Easter is life - so why do we mire it in the death of innocent animals?

September 27, 2017

Rabbis Urge Jews To Go Vegan In Global Campaign

Rabbis have‚Äącalled on all Jews to transition toward a plant-based diet

September 1, 2017

Famous Saudi Cleric Says: 'Stop Eid Animal Sacrifice - Give Money To The Poor'

The cleric says many poor people could be helped with the money

July 27, 2017

Jewish Animal Welfare Organization Challenges Synagogues To Go Vegan

The organization works to highlight animal welfare with religious comunities