July 18, 2018

92% Think Reducetarian Approach Is Helpful To Vegan Movement, Says Poll

The casual poll was carried out by UK retailer The Vegan Kind

July 3, 2018

61% Of Spaniards 'Regularly' Have Meat-Free Days

An increasing number of Europeans are reducing their meat intake

March 12, 2018

Success As Thousands Take Part In Netherlands' First 'Week Without Meat'

Around 32,000 people registered to take part in the event

October 11, 2017

Are 'Hybrid Meat' Products Short Term Answer To Transitioning To Sustainable Diets?

The widespread transition to plant-based eating is painfully slow - could these products speed things up?

August 11, 2017

More Than A Quarter Of Brits Cut Back On Meat Amid Fears For Health

Research has shown that health is a primary motivator for people cutting their meat intake

July 20, 2017

WATCH: Terminator Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger Says "Cut Down On Meat"

The Hollywood heavyweight wants to see greenhouse gas emissions slashed

July 17, 2017

Virgin Boss Richard Branson Talks About Movie Okja And Quitting Beef

The business mogul called the film a 'chilling statement against factory farming'

May 17, 2017

Is Reducetarianism Really the Quickest Way to Create a Vegan World?

Dr Melanie Joy and Tobias Leeneart of CEVA present Manchester conference hosted by ProVeg