March 15, 2018

US Google Searches For 'Vegan' Show Encouraging Growth Over Recent Years

Google trends data shows growing interest in the lifestyle

December 28, 2017

UK Google Searches For 'Vegan' Reach All Time High

People are motivated to find out more about veganism for a number of reasons

December 14, 2017

Netflix Wins Award For Vegan Films Including 'What The Health' And 'Okja'

These films - and others - garnered global attention

December 7, 2017

Pizza Hut To 'Okja': 9 Moments That Showed Veganism Is Going Mainstream

2017 was a huge year for the growing movement

October 10, 2017

Want To Share Your Home With Your Very Own OKJA? This Blogger Shows You How

This is one of the most creative homages to a film we have ever seenĀ 

August 8, 2017

PETA Credits Movie Okja For Spike In 'Vegan' Google Searches

The movie has reportedly inspired many people to drop animal products

July 12, 2017

PLEDGE: Netflix Movie Okja Inspires People To Ditch Meat And Go Vegan

The emotive movie showed the dark side of industrialised farming