July 10, 2018

Major Plant-Based Brand Silk Launches New Dairy-Free Creamer Singles

The individual sizes will be offered in restaurants and coffee shops and on airplanes

April 6, 2018

Survey Reveals Nearly Half Of Dairy Consumers Also Buy Alternatives

A number of dairy consumers indicated that they prefer plant-based milks

April 5, 2018

Häagen-Dazs Adds Ice Cream Bars To Vegan Range

The new selection will also include pints in two new flavours

April 4, 2018

New High Protein Vegan Smoothie Created To Cut Reliance On Meat And Dairy

Environmental concerns inspired the founder of the brand

February 2, 2018

New Vegan Yogurt Made From Pili Nuts Launches In 500 Stores

The dairy-free product has no added sugars

January 8, 2018

Plant Based Milk Sales Grow 61% In US Over 5 Years - Dairy Sales Plummet By 15%

Sales in the dairy milk category have fallen 15 percent since 2012

December 5, 2017

FORECAST: Plant Milk Market 'To Exceed $21 Billion' By 2024

Veganism, sustainability, and lactose intolerance are boosting the market

December 4, 2017

Veganism Is Driving Global Dairy Alternatives Market To Reach $14 Billion By 2022

Other drivers include lactose intolerance and health conscious consumers

November 17, 2017

Trader Joe's Rolls Out New Coconut Whipped Cream

The new dairy-free whipped cream has launched just in time for the holidays

November 17, 2017

There's A New Dairy Free Ingredient In Town: Lupin

A German company is making vegan products from a flowering plant called lupin

November 15, 2017

5 Best Vegan Festive Advent Calendars For 2017

Take your pick: creamy chocolate treats, beauty goodies - or unique tea blends?

November 6, 2017

Vegan Milk To Represent Nearly Half Of The Milk Industry By 2021

And it's not vegans who are driving the shift toward non-dairy products

November 3, 2017

This Vegan Watermelon Ice Cream Sandwich Has Landed In Australia

A renowned South Korean ice-creamery has brought its vegan creation to Melbourne - and the internet has gone crazy for it

November 3, 2017

Vegans Are Going Crazy Over This New Trader Joe's Almond Nog Holiday Drink

This non-dairy eggnog has got vegans in a frenzy

October 31, 2017

Dairy Giant Danone To Invest $60 Million In Plant Based Milk Production

The company wants to make 'better for you beverages'

October 31, 2017

Global Dairy Bosses: 'Vegan Activists Are A Threat To Our Existence'

The global dairy industry is trying to push back on the growing vegan movement

October 26, 2017

The Evidence Is In: Dairy Is Dying Due To Vegan Boom

Plant-based milk is hurting the sales of dairy products

October 24, 2017

People Are Going Bananas For This Vegan Milk Made From Fruit

This dairy-free banana milk is blowing people's minds

September 26, 2017

Teens Consume 550% More Non Dairy Milk Than Generation X

People aged 16 to 24 are more likely to consume plant-based foods

September 22, 2017

PROGRESS: Australian Cafés Report Massive Shift Toward Plant Milks

And it's not just vegans making the change

September 21, 2017

Another Pea Milk Product To Hit Shelves In US

The protein-packed plant milk will soon be available in grocery stores across the U.S.

August 17, 2017

World Plant Milk Day Prompts Frightened Farmers To Fight Back

The National Farmer's Union is planning to counter the action with its own campaign

August 7, 2017

So Delicious Launches New Vegan Dairy-Free Shreds

Demand for plant-based food has seen a slew of new products brought to market

August 1, 2017

New Plant-Based Milks 'Represent Far More Dangerous Competition To Dairy Milk'

The new generation of refrigerated plant milks is becoming an increasing problem for the dairy industry

July 6, 2017

Milk Row Rumbles On As Leaked Emails Show Federal Agencies Clash Over Wording

Communications show the organizations could not agree on what terminology to use

July 5, 2017

GROWTH: Dairy Alternatives Market Projected To Hit $14.36 Billion By 2022

Coconut milk is forecast to be the sector's biggest grower