March 19, 2018

60% Of Vegans Would Try Lab-Grown Meat, Says Survey

Only 22.3% of pescatarians said they'd try the product

March 5, 2018

Lab Grown Meat 'Could Be In Restaurants Before The End Of The Year'

Environmentalists say in vitro animal products could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 96 percent

February 14, 2018

Richard Branson: In 30 Years We Will Be Shocked By Our Mass Slaughter Of Animals

He says the meat and dairy substitutes industry could be worth $40 billion by 2020

January 29, 2018

Food Giant Tyson Invests In Clean Meat Startup Memphis Meats

The cash injection will be used to speed up product development

November 16, 2017

Plant Based Meat Investor Bill Gates Encouraged To Go Vegan

The billionaire has previously spoken about the benefits of cutting out meat

November 7, 2017

'Lab Meat' Pioneer Memphis Meats On Cover Of Iconic Inc. Magazine

The magazine is running an extensive feature on the tech startup

September 1, 2017

As Lab Meat Row Rages On: Watch The Trailer For 2019 Memphis Meats Documentary

The feature-length documentary will focus on the progress of the 'clean meat' lobby

August 28, 2017

Virgin Boss Richard Branson Claims We Will 'Stop Killing Animals For Meat Within 30 Years'

The entrepreneur believes tech will change the way the food industry works