February 11, 2019

Leading Advocate To Release Three New Books To Help Grow The Vegan Movement

This is Part 2 of a two-part interview. Part 1 explored how Dr. Melanie Joy's advocacy work focuses on asking people to be ‘as vegan as possible' to build a more inclusive and resilient movement

February 6, 2019

Does Advocating For Being 'As Vegan As Possible' Help People Stay Vegan?

It's important that the numbers of reducetarians and those who are open to veganism and supportive of veganism, if not wholly vegan themselves, continue to rise, according to Dr. Melanie Joy

November 30, 2018

New Video Series Will Make You A More Effective Vegan Advocate

The videos were created by the Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy, which aims to increase the impact of vegan advocacy worldwide