April 9, 2019

Tofurky Raises $7 Million Investment As Vegan Meat Sales Skyrocket

The US plant-based brand says it is outpacing the growth of products in its own sector and will be using the investment to ramp up production

April 5, 2019

Tesco To Sell Vegan Foods In Meat Aisle - To 'Promote Sustainability'

The major UK retailer wants people to make choices that are healthier for them and the planet, so it is encouraging them to 'enjoy a diet of eating more vegetables, less meat, and more plant-based alternatives'

March 25, 2019

'Vegan Meat Sector Is Gaining Momentum' Says New Market Data

Information around consumer attitudes toward plant-based meat alternatives reveal significant interest and market opportunity in the meat-free sector - with some products more requested than others

February 20, 2019

Major Food Conference To Look At Progress Of Clean Meat Innovation

The conference asks whether there is a way to meet the rising demand in global meat consumption in a more sustainable way

August 8, 2018

New York Restaurant Launches Vegan Meat - Made From Watermelon

The new dish is part of a bid to cater to vegans and vegetarians

August 2, 2018

Animal Ag Urged To Innovate As 'Meat-Eaters Opt For Vegan Options'

The burgeoning flexitarian sector is having an impact on the sales of meat and dairy alternatives

August 1, 2018

US Plant-Based Meat Sales Hit $670 Million Skyrocketing By 24%

The market for plant-based foods is growing rapidly

July 23, 2018

Quorn Invests £7 Million In Vegan R&D As It Develops 'Bleeding' Plant-Based Burger

The company is on track to make $1 billion in annual sales by 2027

July 4, 2018

Global Meat Substitutes Market To Exceed $6 Billion By 2023

The increasing vegan population is one factor in the market's growth

June 26, 2018

Vegan 'Trend' Has Potential To Keep Growing, Says Food Expert

The market has exploded - and the growth is set to continue

June 21, 2018

39% Of Americans 'Actively Trying To Eat More Plant-Based Foods'

They are motivated by ethics, health, and the environment

June 13, 2018

We Vegans Are Not That Special - Sainsbury's Is Right To Put Vegan Meat In Meat Aisle

The supermarket announced it will launch new products next month

June 11, 2018

Sainsbury's To Launch 'Bleeding' Vegan Meat Range In Meat Aisle Of 400 Stores

The products will be targeted at omnivores looking to cut down on animal protein

May 14, 2018

Should Vegans And Vegetarians Eat 'Fake Meat?'

The topic often engenders passionate debate

April 11, 2018

More Than 50% Of Canadians Eat Meat Alternatives

Almost a fifth - 18 percent - eat alternative products multiple times a week

March 21, 2018

Vegan Meat Alternative 'Pulled Oats' Keeps Selling Out At Supermarkets

According to one news outlet, the product has the 'fall-off-the-bone feel of real shredded meat'

February 13, 2018

European Meat Alternative Market Spikes By 451% In Four Years

The growth of veganism was one reason behind the increase

January 31, 2018

Vegan 'Chicken' Brand Sunfed Plans Global Expansion To Meet Growing Demand

"We have more demand than we can meet from all sides of the business," the CEO revealed

January 19, 2018

Major Meat Producer Cargill Invests In Pea Protein to 'Accelerate Production'

A wave of meat producers have pumped cash into plant-based businesses recently

December 7, 2017

Vegan Tempeh And Beet Burgers To Top Culinary Trends In 2018

Veggies are also predicted to become a key ingredient for bartenders

November 27, 2017

Report Calls On Meat Industry To 'Wake Up' As Plant Based Alternatives Skyrocket

Authors say they expect alternatives to become mainstream

November 21, 2017

Mince Made Entirely From Plants Landing In The UK In 2018

The product is an alternative for people who want to avoid soya

September 5, 2017

MARKET EXPANDS: Company Releases Red Dye To Make Plant Meat More 'Meaty'

Frutarom branches out to create red dyes specifically for meat substitutes

August 22, 2017

Students To Take On Trillion-Dollar Meat Industry With Plant Meat Lab

Scientists at the University Berkeley in California will engineer plant meat aimed at omnivores

May 30, 2017

New Vegan Breakthrough Aims To Appeal to Meat Eaters

Companies are in race to create most realistic meat-free meats