September 13, 2018

Six Detained After 'Vegan Attacks' On Shops Including McDonald's

Fake blood was thrown at businesses - some windows were also smashed

August 29, 2018

McDonald's In Hospital Will Remain Closed: Plant-Based Doctors Delighted

The fast-food outlet closed after flooding and will not be re-opened

August 24, 2018

'McDonald's Days Are Numbered', Says Vegan Burger Boss

An increasing number of consumers are opting for plant-based fast-food

August 21, 2018

'Singing Chicken' At McDonald's Highlights Plight Of Animal Suffering

The move was part of a campaign by animal protection organization Compassion Over Killing

August 16, 2018

Sopranos Star Edie Falco Protests Against Animal Exploitation At McDonald's

The actor brought her son to the event, organized by animal advocacy organizations

April 22, 2018

Over 30,000 Sign Petition To Add Impossible Burger To McDonald's Menu

The fast-food giant already offers a vegan burger in Sweden and Finland

April 6, 2018

US Government Partners With McDonald's In A Move Doctors Are Calling 'Irresponsible'

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says the changes go against USDA dietary recommendations

March 27, 2018

Coalition Of Animal Groups Puts Pressure On McDonald's To Raise Welfare Standards

Campaigners said the chain has 'great power' over animals' lives

March 21, 2018

Fast Food Giant McDonald's Reveals Ambitious Plans To Slash Emissions By 36%

The chain is heavily reliant on products with a heavy carbon footprint - like beef

December 11, 2017

McDonalds Reportedly Rolling Out McVegan Burger Further

Last week the fast food giant said there were no plans to expand the offering

December 7, 2017

Pizza Hut To 'Okja': 9 Moments That Showed Veganism Is Going Mainstream

2017 was a huge year for the growing movement

November 28, 2017

Animal Advocate Speaks Out: 'Being McDonald's Poster Boy Made Me Go Vegan'

According to the campaigner it's possible to change for the better

October 31, 2017

McDonald's Pledges To Treat Chickens 'Humanely' - Before Slaughtering Them

But there's no such thing as 'humane' killing

October 27, 2017

Giants McDonald's And Unilever Sign Manifesto Calling For Responsible Soy Production

Soy production may lead to a 'catastrophic extinction of species'

October 9, 2017

McDonald's France Introduces Veggie Burger

McDonald's France is addressing the growing demand for meat-free dishes

October 5, 2017

Fast Food Giant McDonald's Launches Trial Of 'McVegan' Burger

The burger chain wants to capitalize on the vegan boom

May 15, 2017

McDonald's Releases New Vegan Burger

A vegan burger called "Veggie McSpice" has been released in Norway