August 26, 2018

New Report Credits Veganism For Growth Of Dairy-Free Market

Sales are projected to increase in the dairy-free yogurt industry

May 27, 2018

'Vegan' Least Appealing Marketing Term, Says Study

Some respondents also responded negatively to the term 'sustainably sourced'

January 23, 2018

Research Commissioned Into What Stops People Going Vegan

It is hoped the work will make it easier for people to go - and stay - vegan

January 11, 2018

Vegan Boom Is 'Genuine Shift Not Fad' Says Leading Analyst

Retailers are starting to tap into demand

January 8, 2018

Plant Based Milk Sales Grow 61% In US Over 5 Years - Dairy Sales Plummet By 15%

Sales in the dairy milk category have fallen 15 percent since 2012

December 11, 2017

Global Vegan Cheese Market Set To Skyrocket To Almost $4 Billion By 2024

The increasing number of vegans is one factor driving the trend

December 4, 2017

Students 'Six Times More Likely Than Parents' To Be Vegan Or Veggie

Social media is driving the way people eat

November 20, 2017

Poll Shows 47% Of Americans 'Agree With Ban On Slaughterhouses'

In addition, more than half of the people polled said they were trying to cut down on animal foods

November 17, 2017

Vegan Is One To Watch In 'Food Trend Forecast' For 2018

Plant-based foods are becoming more attractive to vegans and omnivores alike