July 17, 2019

Vegan Fashion Museum Opens In Los Angeles

The facility, on Melrose Avenue, will showcase what it describes as 'cruelty-free fashion ethically made'

July 9, 2019

Jaden Smith Opens Free Vegan Food Truck For Homeless People In LA

The young advocate opened the pop-up this weekend. Now he wants to bring more free food to more people in need

December 8, 2018

Movie Theatres, Airport, And Concert Halls In LA May Have To Offer Vegan Food

A proposed piece of legislation by a Los Angeles councilman calls for plant-based food to become more widely available across the city

September 23, 2018

Vegan Prince Khaled Joins Board Of New Environmental Foundation

The Shannon Elizabeth Foundation aims to protect 'wildlife and wild places'

September 15, 2018

28,000 Activists March For Animals Worldwide

The Official Animal Rights March hit unprecendented numbers this year