March 13, 2019

Vegan Activist James Aspey Praises PBN On Logan Paul Podcast

The high profile animal advocate, who is currently running for Australian Parliament, was recently a guest on Paul's 'Impaulsive' podcast where he spoke about the suffering and environmental destruction caused by animal farming

September 24, 2018

YouTuber Logan Paul No Longer Vegan: Poses With Ham, Eats Salmon

The controversial celebrity ditched animal products earlier this year - but has given up on his ethical pledge

June 12, 2018

YouTuber Logan Paul 'Misses Bacon Most' Since Going Plant-Based

He made the revelation during a Q&A video on his channel

May 8, 2018

YouTuber Logan Paul Is 'Vegan For Life' - And Promises To Attend Animal Save Vigils

The controversial character - who has 17 million subscribers - ditched animal products three months ago

February 21, 2018

YouTube Star Logan Paul Says He's Gone Vegan

He says a plant-based diet can 'enhance the quality of your muscle fibre'

February 9, 2018

YouTube Star Logan Paul Blasted For 'Tasing Rats' In Video

The disgraced YouTuber also mishandled a fish