June 4, 2019

Temperatures Exceed 50C During Heatwave In India: Over 20 Dead

The high temperatures have led to a shortage of water for both humans and animals. The lack of water has triggered many cases of heatstroke

June 4, 2019

High Court In India Says Animals Should Have Same Rights As Humans

The order was written by Justice Rajiv Sharma, who made the same landmark ruling in the Uttarakhand High Court last year, in a bid to offer protection to animals

May 8, 2019

India's First Elephant Hospital Treats Neglected, Sick, And Injured Animals

Now finally at this specialized medical center neglected, sick, and injured gentle giants can receive proper treatment and rehabilitation, along with a lifetime of loving care

April 14, 2019

Palitana Dubbed The World's First 'Vegetarian City' After Government Ban Animal Slaughter

The Indian region, in the Bhavnagar district, also prohibits the sale of meat and egg - but not the consumption of dairy

November 6, 2017

Animal Rights Activist Cycles Across India To Promote Veganism

The animal rights campaigner is committed to spreading the vegan message

November 1, 2017

BAN: India Puts An End To Wild Animal Circuses

Wild animals are now prohibited in circuses countrywide

October 25, 2017

Thought Leaders To Gather For Mumbai's Second Ahimsa Festival

The festival runs for an epic 18 days