September 17, 2018

Donate To Vegan And Animal Charities For Free Using Polling App

Users have until September 27 to take part

March 9, 2018

California Sets Sights On World's Strictest Animal Welfare Law

The proposed law has been described as 'history in the making'

January 2, 2018

High Profile Vegan Advocate Calls Clean Meat 'Next Great Scientific Revolution'

He discusses the debate around lab-cultured meat

November 29, 2017

Praise For 'Amazing' Moby After He Donates $250K To Vegan Organizations

His followers are calling on other celebrities to follow suit

November 3, 2017

Oscar Nominated Actor Jessica Chastain Speaks Out About Her Vegan Lifestyle

The award-winning actor is dedicated to an animal-friendly lifestyle - but she doesn't believe everyone should be vegan

September 19, 2017

More Than 3,200 Chefs And Nutritionists Will Be Trained To Make Plant-Based Food

The training means more healthy whole food meals will be available nationwide

June 13, 2017

Dog Meat 'Not Popular' in Yulin, China - Despite Controversial Festival

Campaigners believe the information is vital in fighting the dog meat industry

May 31, 2017

Success! New York Blood Center Gives $6 Million to Care For Abandoned Chimps

The hard work by activists and charities has paid off