May 26, 2019

More Than 100 Exotic Animals To Be Rescued From 'Neglect and Cruelty' At Roadside Zoo

'Some of the animals were showing signs of significant psychological distress including compulsive, constant pacing'

February 26, 2019

Selfridges Becomes First Department Store To Ditch Exotic Animal Skins

The store, which stopped selling fur in 2005, said it wants to 'inspire brands and customers through thoughtful, ethical and transparent buying strategies'

February 22, 2019

Procter & Gamble Joins Major Campaign To End Global Animal Testing By 2023

The giant corporation, which has partnered the Humane Society International on its #BeCrueltyFree campaign, says it's invested more than $420 million over forty years in developing non-animal test methods

August 20, 2018

South Korean President Urged To End Dog Meat Trade By 1 Million People

People from South Korea and around the world signed a petition against the grisly trade

August 10, 2018

Tourists Urged To Shun South Africa's Cub Petting Industry On World Lion Day

Animal protection figures have called the industry a 'scam'

July 19, 2018

Top Vegan Organizations Join Forces To Build A Stronger, More United Movement

They want to support each other in 'progressing veganism and meat reduction in the UK and beyond'

June 20, 2018

Canada Moves Closer To Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban

A number of organizations are campaigning for new legislation

April 22, 2018

Japan Ends Lengthy Pesticide Experiments Conducted On Dogs

The experiments involved killing the dogs to examine their internal organs

April 20, 2018

Asian Food Industry Leaders Commit To Higher Animal Welfare Standards

Campaigners have called for the improved treatment of animals

April 3, 2018

55 Cats Saved From 'Hellish' Hoarding Flat In India

Almost every surface of the apartment was covered in feces

March 30, 2018

Terrified Dogs Rescued As Activists Shut Down Illegal Dog Slaughterhouse in China

Disturbing photos expose the grim reality of the dog meat industry

March 26, 2018

'Historic': Schools In Four Brazilian Cities To Go Plant-Based, Serving 23 Million Vegan Meals A Year

The shift is part of a program to 'build a fair world for animals'

January 24, 2018

High Street Giants Tesco And Boots Caught Selling Real Fur Labelled As Fake

The retailers have since dropped the items

December 20, 2017

BREAKING: More High Street Giants Caught Selling Real Fur Labelled 'Fake'

TK MAXX, Boohoo, And Not On The High Street are some of the big names

November 13, 2017

VIDEO: Vegan Celebs Lucy And Tiffany Watson Show How To Distinguish Faux From Real Fur

The high profile vegan sisters give shoppers their top tips

September 27, 2017

HORROR: Mass Whale Hunt Condemned By Major Animal Rights Organization

More than 170 whales have been killed in what Japan claims is scientific research