January 10, 2018

Coconut Milk Powder Recalled For Containing Dairy Milk

Customers can return the product to the retailer for a full refund

December 6, 2017

Food Scare: Aldi Hotdogs Recalled Due To Possible Bone Fragments And Bacteria

Anyone with health concerns should seek medical advice

October 4, 2017

Parents Of Girl Poisoned After Eating Fast Food Meat Launch Petition

The child died after eating E. coli-infested meat around 20 years ago

September 29, 2017

Top Chicken Supplier 'Fiddles Food Safety Dates', Investigation Finds

The investigation discovered that top retailers including M&S may have sold their customers out of date products

September 5, 2017

Maggots Found Crawling In Supermarket Meat: Vegans' Reactions May Surprise You

The supermarket says the incident is being investigated

August 21, 2017

Has Contaminated Meat From UK Supermarket Infected Thousands With Hepatitis E?

The Food Standards Agency declined to name and shame the supermarket in question

August 21, 2017

PLUNGING PROFITS: Brazilian Meat Giant Reports 80% Profit Decrease

The company is reeling from recent a recent corruption scandal

August 17, 2017

Investigation Launched After 'Animal DNA' Found In Vegan Take-Away Meal

Food testing proved the dish contained meat - the investigation is ongoing

August 10, 2017

Supermarkets Remove Eggs From Shelves Amid Contamination Panic

Four major supermarkets have removed the eggs - but some may have already been consumed

August 8, 2017

Hampton Creek Hires Investigators After Products Removed From Target Stores: Discovers Fraud

The company is uncovering answers surrounding the mysterious removal of its products from shelves

July 11, 2017

Three Horse Microchips Found In Batch Of '100% Beef'

Businessman allegedly mixed horse meat with beef to fool customers

June 29, 2017

RECALL: Supermarkets Pull Meat-Free Mince From Shelves Amid Safety Concerns

Customers will be given a full refund if they return the product

June 29, 2017

$6 Billion 'Pink Slime' Meat Case Settled: 'Result Could Affect How Journalists Report Stories'

The case which captured the imagination of many was settled for an undisclosed sum

June 23, 2017

New Problems For Vegan Start-Up Hampton Creek As Products Removed From Stores

Some serious allegations have been made against the brand

June 8, 2017

Vegan Start-Up Hampton Creek 'Wards Off Attempted Coup'

Three executives were reportedly hoping to change the company's corporate structure

May 31, 2017

German E Coli Breakout: Death Toll One

Investigations into the outbreak are ongoing