April 8, 2019

EU Intention To Ban 'Meat' Names For Vegan Food Is 'Irrational And Damaging' Says Food Organization

Last week the European Parliament's agriculture committee approved a ban on naming meat-free foods after their traditional counterparts. If it's voted into effect, veggie burgers could be renamed 'discs'

November 18, 2017

MPs Vote Against Transferring EU 'Animal Sentience' Clause Into UK Law

Welfarist organizations are concerned this could affect how animals are treated

October 13, 2017

Portugal Sees 400% Rise In Number Of Vegetarians

And it's estimated at least 60,000 Portuguese citizens follow a vegan diet

July 17, 2017

Hepatitis E: Eating Undercooked Pork Is Leading Cause In EU

In rare cases Hepatits E can prove fatal

June 22, 2017

MEPs Throw Out Tory Attempt To Prevent EU Ban On Bee Killing Pesticides

The current partial ban is set to be extended

June 9, 2017

EU Report Claims '13 Million IQ Points Lost' After Pesticide Exposure

Study authors claim choosing organic food could reduce risk

June 8, 2017

EU Bosses Told: Shift Towards Veganism Must Be 'Urgent Policy Priority'

Industry experts met with policymakers to discuss the need to move away from meat consumption