July 17, 2019

Humans Blamed As Major Giraffe Species Declared 'Endangered'

Illegal hunting and land-use changes have been cited as reasons for the decline in the general giraffe population

September 22, 2018

UK Man Busted Selling Fur Coats From Endangered Species

The coats were being bought and sold via eBay

September 15, 2018

Rare Orca 'Superpod' Gathers, Ailing Calf Presumed Dead

The calf was a member of an endangered population

August 12, 2018

Mother Orca Drops Her Dead Calf After 17 Days Of Grief

Tahlequah's pod has been unable to successfully reproduce for three years due to salmon shortages

August 4, 2018

Social Media Outrage As Video Of Endangered Rhino Used In Circus Goes Viral

The white rhino is technically classified as a 'near-threatened' species