June 4, 2019

Homewear Brand Launches Vegan, Biodegradable Bedding Made From Eucalyptus

The new product meets growing demand for animal-free and eco-friendly homeware, as more consumers become more conscious

February 5, 2019

British Furniture Brand Launches Vegan Leather Line Of Iconic Chesterfield Sofas

The company says it has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries from people looking for animal-free furniture - so it is ditching animal skin, glue, and fabric in its new line

February 3, 2019

French Designer Uses Apple Waste To Create Vegan Furniture

Apple Ten Lork consists of the cores and skin of apples, and it's now being used as a vegan leather replacement

December 19, 2018

How One Top Designer Is Saving The World With Vegan Fashion

Textile creators and fashion designers are working hard to create alternative options to the fast fashion garments and materials that are harming the planet and its inhabitants

July 2, 2018

Iconic British Brand Belstaff Ditches Fur - Joining Growing List Of Designers

A long list of designers have stopped using the controversial fabric

December 15, 2017

Experts Slam Vegan Fashion Line For Dogs Made By Miley Cyrus-Endorsed Designer

An animal welfare professional argues 'dogs are sentient beings, not toys to be played with'

July 28, 2017

Ikea, Heal's and Made.com Honored In Vegan Homeware Awards

The awards were established to recognise the growing demand for compassionate homeware

July 25, 2017

Designer Stella McCartney Joins Forces With Tech Firm To Work With Vegan Silk

The designer says she's always been troubled by the use of silk

June 13, 2017

Designer Stella McCartney To Incorporate Ocean Debris Into Designs

The longterm vegetarian has never used animal skin in her line