June 13, 2019

'What The Health' Co-Director Discusses Veganism On Russell Brand's Latest Podcast

The vegan comedian talks to the director about his films, his mission, veganism, and whether What The Health was guilty of 'fact-fudging'

August 15, 2018

UK Dairy Drops £1.2 Million On Advertising To Combat Growing Vegan Movement

The new campaign is specifically designed to target millennials

June 4, 2018

WATCH: Ex-dairy Farmer Says There Is 'Nothing Okay About Dairy Farming'

The woman warned viewers to think twice before purchasing dairy

January 8, 2018

1,000 Pounds Of Butter Used For Sculpture That 'Honors Dairy Industry': A Good Idea?

The carving pays tribute to one of the most despicable industries out there

November 15, 2017

5 Shocking Moments That Show The Dairy Industry Is Scared Of Veganism

The growth of plant-based options is making milk bosses panic

November 14, 2017

Vegan Expert BLASTS £1.2 Million Dairy Ads With Fake Government Logo As 'Desperate Propaganda'

The logo looks as though dairy has been given a Governmental stamp of approval

November 14, 2017

Dairy Company Claims 'Cows And Calves Are Separated For Their Own Health'

An animal behavior expert has called the claim 'fundamentally ignorant'