June 8, 2019

African Swine Fever Spreads Through Asia - Millions Of Pigs Culled

'This is the biggest animal disease outbreak we've ever had on the planet...and we have no way to stop it from spreading'

June 2, 2018

'Ineffective' UK Cull Puts £50 Price Tag On Badgers' Heads

The controversial program has been called 'the most expensive wildlife destruction policy in British history'

May 28, 2018

New Zealand Plans To Kill 150,000 Cows To Protect Economy

The cull is an attempt to wipe out a common disease-causing bacteria

March 27, 2018

Chris Packham Blasts 'Sickening' Cull As 'Celebrity' Badgers Face Possible Death

The animals appeared on television earlier this month

March 12, 2018

New Documentary Challenges Australia's Kangaroo 'Massacre'

The film sets out to expose the truth behind 'the largest land-based slaughter' of wild animals

January 19, 2018

Ministers Blasted For Supporting 'Absurd' Squirrel Cull

Campaigners don't think culling is ever humane

December 20, 2017

More Than 11,000 Animals Culled In The Royal Parks Over Four Years

Now more than 75,000 people have signed a petition calling on the parks to stop the cull

September 5, 2017

SLAUGHTER: Thousands Support Campaign To Stop Senseless Squirrel Deaths

A mass grey squirrel culling is in motion in a bid to save red squirrels