July 30, 2018

Growth of Veganism Challenging Duck Meat Market

Industry experts say clean meat will also present difficulties

May 10, 2018

BBC Program: 'The Days Of Animal Exploitation Are Numbered'

The radio show looked at the question of how animals are treated in society - and how attitudes are changing

May 3, 2018

Global Food Giant Tyson Invests $2.2 Million In Clean Meat Startup

The company has made a number of investments in alternative protein sources

May 2, 2018

Clean Meat Startup Makes Breakthrough With New '3D Technology'

The company aims to 'bring clean meat products to a whole new level'

April 23, 2018

JUST CEO Says 2018's Clean Meat Launch Will 'Probably' Be Sold In Restaurants First

He made the comments in an interview with Plant Based News

April 19, 2018

Missouri Considering Ban On Calling Meat Alternatives 'Meat'

The bill's sponsors reportedly have links to the meat industry

March 15, 2018

41% Of Brits 'Will Eat Lab-Grown Meat And Fish' Within A Decade

Rising food costs and environmental concerns are cited as motivation

February 27, 2018

Big Beef Asks US Government To Stop Clean Meat Being Called 'Meat'

Lab-grown alternatives are set to hit shelves soon

February 14, 2018

Beef Industry Magazine Blasts Lab Grown 'Clean Meat'

What is the 'darker side' of clean meat production?

January 29, 2018

Food Giant Tyson Invests In Clean Meat Startup Memphis Meats

The cash injection will be used to speed up product development